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Go! Drive & Camp May 2016

A 132-page lifestyle magazine for campers, caravan and 4x4 enthusiasts and adventure travellers.

South Africa
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marking 100 issues

Right now, you are holding the 100th issue of Drive Out magazine in your hands. And what a journey it has been. Through the years it has adapted and changed quite a lot (just like one’s waist measurements). More than a decade ago, Geoff Dalglish had the idea to start a definitive 4x4 route guide to Southern Africa that would be updated twice a year. It was published by New Media Publishing, a company that is partly owned by Media24. At more or less the same time, the hugely successful Weg! magazine, which I was privileged to be part of, was launched. It was initially called Wegbreek! before legal action from a rival media company forced us to change the name. Not that it mattered, because Weg! soon became the market…

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JOHAN BADENHORST MADAGASCAR Johan Badenhorst and the Voetspore team traded in their Amaroks for Land Cruisers and put them on a boat to go explore Madagascar. Why this part of the world? Discovering and investigating the unknown is an integral part of travelling. I know very little of Madagascar, even though it’s technically part of Africa. It is, however, a very different place, almost as strange as Ethiopia. What was the highlight of the trip? Three months and 9 000 km spent there. Every day of every week was dramatically different. Any lows or problems? Very few, if any. It’s the easiest video production we’ve ever done. The locals are really camera friendly. What would you do differently if you ever visited again? Maybe I’d travel by motorcycle. The roads are challenging and a bike might get you to even…

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it’s not “goodbye” but “long live” the defender

I’m writing in response to the tribute article on the Land Rover Defender (“The Legend lives on” in Drive Out #98). My Landy, Bloubul, was born in 1992, although its birth certificate was first issued in early 1993. I adopted it in 2004 when it was 11 years old with 165 000 km on the clock. As is the case with most Landylovers, I’ve been obsessed with these vehicles – specifically the older Defender models – since I was only knee-high. I built up my first Landy, a1974 Series III diesel bakkie, from the proverbial bare bones to its current condition. Bloubul is my second Landy. In the interim I’ve also owned a 2004 Freelander Td4 (one of the best cars that I’ve ever driven!), as well as a Td5 110 HCP…

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MORE COMPLAINTS ABOUT CORRUPT OFFICIALS Here’s another friendly warning about the corrupt officials in Mozambique. Last month we attended the Racetech Jet Ski fishing competition in Ponta Du Ouro. Every year we go there is a “problem” in getting our licence to fish. Either you’re supposedly missing a document, or you need the original document (copies won’t do). This year we should have paid R300 for the fishing licence, but ended up paying double that. The extra we had to pay included a R200 penalty fee and R100 for a Coke! We finally paid R600 to fish for two days. It’s the same officials year after year. The latest trick at the border post now is to target individual travellers. They “pretend” to stamp your passport on arrival but when you leave…

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bull run: come join us!

If you are driving in the vicinity of Vosburg this October and hear a rumble underfoot and see a dust cloud in the sky, don’t mistake it for fracking. It’s the sound of the fifth Drive Out Bull Run. Entries opened in February and sold out faster than milk tart at a farmers market. However, if you aren’t one of the 140 participating teams, you can still attend the event during the second weekend of the school holidays (6 to 9 October). For those that aren’t officially participating, there are two options to join in the fun – you can enter as a supporter to a mate’s team or simply attend as a spectator. The Bull Run’s format has transformed over the years, but still stays true to the original idea. Day one of…

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why is my cruiser not completely level?

When some 4x4 owners give their pride and joy a suspension lift, they suddenly start paying a lot of attention to the difference between the ride heights on the left and right sides of the vehicle. But even brand new 4x4s on the showroom floor can have a slight lean to one side. And as difficult as that may be to accept, there’s nothing wrong with such a vehicle, and once you put a driver and passengers inside, it changes anyway. Nothing mean about the lean The reason for this lean is quite simply that most vehicles with a ladder frame chassis have a steel body mounted onto the frame with large rubber mountings. In the case of a bakkie, the tub and the cab are separate units, mounted separately. Add things…