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Go! Hiking Guide 2020

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head for the hills!

They say you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone. When summer arrived last year, I contacted every friend and distant acquaintance for a season of hiking – mostly for fun, but also to collect stories for this year’s hiking guide. I started on Table Mountain, which is basically in my back yard. Maps and weather forecasts were scoured and arrangements were made on a WhatsApp group called “Sunday hikes”. The members? A handful of fellow hikers in Cape Town. The goal? To walk a different trail on Table Mountain every weekend. How many hikes did we do? Close to none. But I’m getting ahead of myself. On the morning of our first hike, the southeaster woke us before dawn in our respective suburbs. It would have been reckless to…

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our fellow hikers

Shaen Adey is a professional photographer, writer, woodturner and bubbles drinker who lives on Eastlake Island in Marina da Gama, Cape Town. She’s been hiking all her life, inspired by her grandfather who was a conservationist in the Drakensberg. “His words of advice when I was a kid were: ‘Always remember, there’s no such thing as a short cut on a mountain.’ I totally agree with him, but I’ve ignored the second part, where he said: ‘And be home by dark.’ To me, there’s nothing more special than sleeping out under the stars.” Toast Coetzer is our travel editor and lives in Vredehoek, Cape Town. He says he’s never fit enough at the start of a long hike. “But I’ve learnt that it’s not really necessary. If your head is in…

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the only way is down

Some adventures, you only need to experience once. You go big, you get the T-shirt and you never go back. Like working in Afghanistan or Siberia, or doing Suicide Gorge. The name of this kloofing route tells you everything you need to know. There are no escape routes and you can’t turn around or chicken out. Once you’re in the gorge, you can only go one way – down. Which means jumping from cliffs into deep mountain pools where the icy water steals your breath. It was a summer night in December 2000 and my friends and I were gathered around Stephanus and Lize du Toit’s dining room table in Paarl. Most of us were in our early thirties and nervous about the expedition. Stephanus, my husband Arra and I were joined…

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hike into forbidden land

Each day of The Namib100 has a unique charm and a much wider variety of landscapes than you could imagine. You’ll see thousands of birds and seals, jackals and maybe even gemsbok and brown hyenas. You’ll hike off the grid, away from civilization, deep into the dunes, and you’ll camp wild under a blanket of stars. The daily distances are long, but the hiking isn’t technical. You’ll feel like the last people on earth… The Namib Desert is one of the oldest deserts on earth and seems totally devoid of life at first, but look closely and you’ll find unique plant and animal life perfectly suited to deal with climatic extremes. As you explore forgotten diamond-mining settlements, you’ll also get a glimpse into the history of this magnificent wilderness area. ITINERARY* ARRIVAL Walvis Bay We…

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buy a backpack

1 Naturehike GT02 (15 l) This small backpack is aimed at trail runners, but can also work for those of us who tackle the mountain trails at a slower pace. You put it on like a waistcoat – the fit around your shoulders is snug and the double chest straps keep it secure. It doesn’t have a hip belt, but you won’t carry so much stuff that you need to distribute the weight to your hips. The main pocket has a sleeve for a hydration bladder (there are multiple hose ports), enough space for a rain jacket, a camera and some snacks. There are also two zip pockets for valuables. Each of the wide shoulder straps has two stretchable mesh pockets. Trail runners usually store their energy bars in there, but it’s…

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dynamite comes in small packages

Deuter Pack Sack A messy backpack is a frustration. Group your clothes together in a durable pack sack and you’ll be able to find your pyjamas, underwear or swimming costume without rummaging through everything. There are also similar mesh sacks available. R150 (3 l) R200 (9 l) capeunionmart.co.za Naturehike Folding Basin A shower or a bath is a big treat after a long day on the trail. But what if you’re deep in the bundu without a river or a dam nearby? You boil water, pour it into this waterproof basin, and have a refreshing bath behind the nearest bush. The basin holds up to 10? and is big enough for you to stand inside it. It’s also handy if you need to wash dirty dishes or clothes. R200 naturehike.co.za First Ascent Hiker Air Pillow When you pack for a…