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Golf Tips March/April 2019

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in praise of the putter geek

My name is Vic, and I’m a putter addict. Make that “putter polygamist” or perhaps “serial putter-adulterer.” Whatever. I acknowledge my malady and accept that I’m all but powerless to conquer it, so I just take it day by day without the support of any 12-step group that I know of. Contrary to my monogamist nature in marriage (hear that, honey?), and my tendency toward staunch loyalty in my friendships and family relationships, I can’t seem to stick with one flatstick for more than a few months at a time. I’ll fiddle with a blade for a while, but at the first whiff of bad behavior (as in blown three-footers) or clear infidelity on its part (revealed in an alarming rise in three-jacks), I’ll file for divorce, straying to the next winsome wand…

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meet golf tips’ top 25 instructors

ADAM BAZALGETTE Director of Instruction, Mediterra Golf Club Naples, Florida www.scratchgolfacademy.com www.adambgolf.com MIKE DIFFLEY Head Professional at Pelham Country Club Pelham, New York www.mikediffley.com JANE FROST Director of Instruction, Jane Frost Golf Performance Center at Sandwich Hollows Sandwich, Massachusetts www.janefrostgolf.com GAIL GRAHAM Teaching Professional, Esplanade Golf & Country Club Naples, Florida gailgrahamgolf@gmail.com CHRIS JOHNSTON Director of Instruction at Farmer Brown’s Golf Center New Jersey www.cjohnstonpga.com TOM PATRI Director of Instruction, TP Golf Schools, The Esplanade Naples, Florida www.tompatri.com JIM ROY PGA Teaching Professional, Bellevue Country Club Syracuse, New York Jim Roy Professional Golf Instruction on Facebook TINA TOMBS Director of Instruction, Arizona Biltmore Golf Club www.tinatombsgolf.com WARREN BOTTKE PGA Professional, PGA National Resort and Spa Palm Beach Gardens, Florida www.warrenbottkegolf.com KRISTA DUNTON Director of Instruction, Berkeley Hall Okatie, South Carolina www.kristaduntongolf.com VICKI GOETZE-ACKERMAN Director of Instruction, Buckhorn Springs Golf & Country Club Valrico, Florida getzack2@gmail.com BOB GRISSETT Director of Instruction, The Club at Morningside Rancho Mirage, California www.bobgrissettgolf.com ROB LABRITZ Teaching Professional, Glenarbor Golf Club Bedford Hills, New York www.roblabritz.com BRADY…

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editor’s picks

DECATHLON GOLF PRODUCTS Haven’t heard of Decathlon Golf? Neither had we until recently, but it happens that it is the largest sporting goods retailer by revenue in the world, with stores in 45 countries. It has just opened its first retail location in San Francisco, but you can get in on Decathlon’s eye-popping bargains for balls, clubs, apparel and a unique putting practice system that mimics actual greens at home, even on the hardest floor. Why the low prices, including $5.99 for a dozen distance golf balls? Because the company owns all of the brands it sells in stores and controls distribution, so it can provide wholesale pricing. Golf Tips has checked out several product samples from Decathlon and came away impressed. These are indeed solid choices for budget-conscious shoppers. The Decathlon Golf…

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how to hit the high pitch

The high, mid-distance pitch shot can be one of the toughest for amateurs to master. You need enough speed to send the ball far enough, but enough trajectory to stop the ball on the green quickly and softly. But it doesn’t have to be a tough shot. Follow my prescription for mastering this type of pitch and you’ll have shorter putts, and save those precious strokes, in no time. 1 Set-up (Cool To Be Square) Throw away the old-school open stance and square things up. Getting your feet parallel to the target line helps your shoulders remain fairly level (only a slight amount of right side tilt). This helps your sternum get slightly ahead of the ball at impact, a key to bottoming out in the right place. 2 Takeaway (Width = Soft) While…

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get on the face case

I’ll often ask folks who come to my practice tee if they could master anything about the golf swing, what would it be. You can imagine some of the answers I get — shoulder turn, weight transfer, balance and tempo … all reasonable requests for sure. OPEN FACE During my own career I have been blessed to have been mentored by some of the greatest teaching and coaching minds in the last fifty-plus years. Leadbetter, McLean, Flick, Toski, Hebron, Smith, Strasbaugh, McHatton, Shoemaker, and Lohren, just to name a few. That said, the one person and the one day that continues to hit home with me was at least 25 years ago on a hot fall day at The Champions Club outside Houston, Texas. I was extremely blessed to be able to spend…

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play smarter with the skills you have now

No time to practice? No clubs allowed in your office? A lot of items on the “honey do” list? No worries! You can play better, or should I say “smarter,” with the skills you currently possess, and lower your scores. Most golfers put very little “thought” into their games, for good reason. You do not want golf to be like work! I get it. But if you make simple decisions, almost automatic decisions each day with what amounts to mundane tasks, why not apply the same methodology to your golf game? This will take some effort at first, but once ingrained, you’ll see more consistency in your game. And you’ll also realize when you are making that “stupid” mistake before attempting a stroke. 1 Be More Precise with Your Targeting Tour pros are often…