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Good Health Choices Magazine NZGood Health Choices Magazine NZ

Good Health Choices Magazine NZ

July 2019

Good Health Choices takes the guess work out of leading a healthy lifestyle. With nutrition advice, meal planners and pull out shopping lists, Good Health Choices is an essential tool for anyone wanting to lead a healthier, happier life.

New Zealand
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talk it out

How good are you at having difficult conversations? Some of us are quick to voice our opinions – occasionally followed by intense regret. Others will studiously avoid a conflict, only to lie awake thinking ‘I wish I’d said…’ Like it or not, we each come at life with a different point of view. Sometimes that’s exciting and other times it most definitely rubs us up the wrong way. So how do we all get along in spite of this? And what’s the best way to have a constructive discussion from the other side of the fence? This issue we begin a new series called ‘Let’s Talk’ where experts tell us how to navigate these interpersonal dilemmas – kicking off with conflict. Studies show that there are good and not-so-good ways of tackling…

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good health choices magazine nz

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have your say

A BEAUTIFUL ICON I would like to say I absolutely love Good Health & Wellbeing magazine. I am a new subscriber and will definitely be renewing my subscription. Not only are the articles very informative and such a great read, there is just something about putting the mobile phone down for a while and getting in touch with reading from paper again – it’s very refreshing. Thank you for producing such a down-to-earth magazine for Kiwis to read and learn from. Plus, in the June issue, I loved hearing from Antonia Prebble, who is such a beautiful New Zealand icon. I have watched her growing up on TV for many years, with her being on the screen in Outrageous Fortune and now Westside. It was very nice to read about her…

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monthly inspiration

I love getting Good Health magazine delivered to me every month. It has a great deal of information in it. I am especially interested in all the information regarding different eating plans and weight-loss tips. Four years ago, I lost 25 kilos and have managed to keep it off, but it is hard work. I am a grandmother and enjoy going to the gym, five days a week, plus walking 10,000 or more steps daily. Thank you for a great magazine, it inspires me. Keep up the good work. – Sandra…

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important topics

I’ve loved reading Good Health for years. I enjoy reading all your interesting stories and articles, however I have never felt the need to write a letter before. I hadn’t picked up a magazines in a while, and then bought the May issue on a whim at the supermarket. Inside I found a handbook on chronic stress. Oh my goodness, it was like the handbook was describing me – from the back pain I’ve been experiencing, to my gut health and my fatigue. A light bulb went on: ‘I have chronic stress.’ I am now taking the necessary steps to take control back. A walk in the park, less screen time and ‘me time’ is a start. Thank you Good Health for all the amazing work you do. – Aimie Write in &…

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pressure points

Around one in five adults in New Zealand have high blood pressure, but would you know how to prevent it from creeping up on you? Lifestyle factors play a big role in our blood pressure levels, so here are some surprising ways to naturally reduce hypertension. Give a helping hand Volunteering and helping others is a great way for people to stay socially connected and feel more positive overall, but the benefits have also been found to extend to physical health. A US study found that subjects over 50 who volunteered on a regular basis were 40 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure than those who did not. So not only is volunteering a wonderful way to give back, but it goes full circle and can benefit you too! Avoid black…