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Good Health Choices Magazine NZ February 2019

Good Health Choices takes the guess work out of leading a healthy lifestyle. With nutrition advice, meal planners and pull out shopping lists, Good Health Choices is an essential tool for anyone wanting to lead a healthier, happier life.

New Zealand
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soul food

One of the best things about this time of year is warm summer evenings spent sitting around a table with friends and family. As I’ve confessed to you before, my cooking skills aren’t amazing but I do love to eat and I really love to chat so long lunches and BBQ dinners are my happy place. But despite it being a wonderful way to bring people together, many of us have a complex relationship with food. For those who struggle with their weight, it’s easy to get locked in a battle of feast or famine, instead of that elusive healthy balance. In our handbook this issue we take a look at how to get to that place. There are so many other benefits to maintaining a healthy weight so now…

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have your say

UP TO DATE I’m very satisfied with the new look of the magazine, it’s always full of information regarding the latest health news. I love the info regarding the ketogenic diet and the new guide for a more healthy 2019. I have been reading this magazine for four years and it’s always interesting and very dynamic. – Maritza Write in and WIN! Skinsmiths skincare contains a combination of Caci’s experience and expertise, and includes everything you need to cleanse, treat, hydrate and protect your skin for a happy, healthy glow. This month’s star letter wins a Skinsmiths prize pack, worth $226, containing Cream Cleanser, Clarifying Exfoliator, Daily Moisturiser, Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF50 and a Cleansing Cloths Set.…

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acts of kindness

I love your magazine! This month I was particularly interested in your features on managing anxiety, and running for charity. I suffer from a disabling anxiety disorder, but have found a way to live a meaningful life by being involved in charity work. I don’t run – but I get plenty of exercise! One day I did 22,000 steps while engaged in charity work. I have found helping others diverts my attention from situations I would normally find stressful. An unexpected bonus for me was finding out helping others benefits me as much as it benefits the recipients. I can really recommend volunteering as a way to enjoy great physical and mental health! It is a real buzz to see the smiles simple acts of kindness can bring to the…

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go well

Does the following sound familiar? Your doctor asks, “So what’s your weekly wine consumption?” You do a rapid calculation, halve it, break off eye contact… and lie. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Studies show many of us fudge the truth, often, during visits to the GP. And according to 2018 research for insurer Direct Line, 71 percent of GPs know you’re being less than honest when it comes to alcohol. Clearly lying to the person who might be your lifeline isn’t such a great idea. Instead, why not approach your doctor’s appointment with the intention of getting the most out of your 15 minutes? Here are some top tips: » TELL THE TRUTH. Yes, it’s right up there. Your GP isn’t there to judge you but to assist…

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health now

Short and sweet Interval training, while intense, has the benefit of being short. But just how short can you make those high-intensity intervals? A study published in the Journal of Physiology saw researchers analyse blood and muscle samples from 12 experienced male cyclists before and after they put them through three different workouts: a 50-minute moderate-intensity workout; a 10-and-a-half-minute high-intensity session, with five-minute HIIT intervals followed by a 30-second rest; and a 14-minute session with 20-second HIIT intervals followed by a two-minute recovery. They found that 20 seconds provided the “sweet spot” for getting the greatest gains, including higher levels of a protein that plays a part in creating new mitochondria. STRESS TEST If you can’t seem to think straight when life gets busy, it’ll be no surprise to hear that those with…

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five minutes with…

Worried that some of the everyday products in your life might be causing you or your family health issues? We asked Kaytee Boyd, a holistic health and nutrition specialist about some simple changes we can make to help eliminate the risk of harmful chemicals or potential allergens in our home. First off, what should we look out for when choosing household products? The less on the ingredient list the better! Go for plant and mineral-based ingredients that don’t leave residues on surfaces. Fragrance-free cleaning products can be better than a fragrance made in a lab, which may cause health issues. Are fragranced products in particular an issue? Yes, fragranced products can definitely be an issue. There are currently 26 declarable fragrance allergens, which according to EU legislation must be labelled when they occur at…