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Good Housekeeping

July/August 2021

Good Housekeeping - Home of the Good Housekeeping Seal and your best source for saving time, money, and hassle.

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new & hot

GOOD SCENTS Mix and match these seven portable mini floral, fruity and woodsy perfumes made with essential oils—each purchase gives back to the communities around the world that produce them. 2-IN-1 LIP SMOOTHER Glide this double-duty sugar lip scrub and coconut oil balm crayon over lips to exfoliate and silken skin in one step. OUTDOORSY SOAPS Suds up with the natural scents (pine, sage, cedar) of Acadia, Zion and Redwood National Parks; all purchases support the National Parks Conservation Association.…

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3 ways to get beachy waves

1. Curler shortcut Relaxed waves start near ear level, so pull hair into a ponytail and curl the hair below the elastic with a curling iron or wand, leaving about an inch loose at the ends. 2. Double buns Divide damp hair, then twist each section into a bun, securing with pins above your ears. Once dry, let loose and tousle with your fingers. 3. Flat iron hack No curler? No problem. Hold your straightener vertically, clamp it on a one-inch section of hair at ear level, then twist the iron as you move down to the ends.…

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ask the expert

Q: Should I use foil on the grill? —SHANON M. A: It depends. I don’t typically use foil because I prefer food to have direct contact with the grates, which helps it cook quickly and creates those quintessential summertime grill marks. Using foil also forces food to steam without browning, so you won’t be able to get a good sear. Foil does have its place, however, when it comes to grilling. If you don’t have a grill basket, you can use foil to help prevent small foods from falling between the grates; just remember that they likely won’t char. You can also use it to wrap foods to create a steamy environment that will give tender results for foods such as ribs that need long, slow cooking. Foil also makes cleanup easier,…

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super steam mop + vac

WHY IT EARNED THE GH SEAL Bissell Symphony Pet is a one-stop floor vacuum and powerhouse mop. From daily oopses to fluffy fur and muddy paw prints, cleaning up after all your family members just got much easier! 1 ULTIMATE CLEANING AND SANITIZING Whether you want to vacuum up dry debris, mop without chemicals or deep-clean to kill germs, this appliance can do it. Adjust the steam—high or low—to match your floor type and mess. Attach the washable microfiber pad and make at least three slow passes over an area to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. 2 FOOLPROOF OPERATION Our experts found the digital controls a cinch to use and the handle comfortable to hold. In our tests, switching between the washable and disposable mop pads was simple and fast. Plus, there’s no need…

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100% bamboozled

Recently, the scientists in the GH Textiles Lab noticed an alarming trend: A growing number of bedding and clothing brands were claiming that their products were made of bamboo, eucalyptus or other tree fibers — and consumers seemed interested, based on the growth in online searches. From their experience, our experts knew these products couldn’t contain any trace of the plants promoted in the claims, so after thorough research we selected a wide assortment of items for additional analysis. Here are the details and the results of the investigation: HOW WE TESTED Our scientists zeroed in on over 50 products clearly marketed as being made of bamboo, eucalyptus or beechwood fibers, including clothing, footwear and bedding. We bought 10 of them, reviewed their labels and sent them to an outside lab for…

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how to improve your mood right now!

We’ve all been there: Things are just fine, and then suddenly your mood hits the skids and you think, Ugh! How did that happen? Your mood is a balance of your thoughts, environmental influences (such as where you are and who is around) and life events as well as your physiological state (are you cold or hangry, or do you have to pee?). A change to one or more of these factors could take you for an unscheduled — and unpleasant — emotional ride. Here are seven common sour-mood scenarios and how you can move through them to a better headspace. THE SITUATION: Your friend vented to you, and now you feel bummed. This is a case of emotional contagion, an incredibly basic (even primitive) phenomenon. During conversations, humans naturally tend to mimic…