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GQ South Africa

GQ South Africa August 2016

GQ South Africa is the first and last word on men's style. With access to some of the world's top photographers and writers, GQ offers professional men content that is entertaining and enlightening. Whether it's fashion, tech, business, Hollywood or investigative journalism, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

South Africa
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12 Issues


2 min.
letter from the editor

LIFTING OUR GAME Something’s up. The politicians have been unusually busy lately. Just turn on the state broadcaster to see how much they’re doing for the people. And how much the people love that. Hear how absolutely right they are. And how very much they’d like our vote. There’s one small problem: the ANC is the only party that can rule South Africa. So says its leader Jacob Zuma. Voting for anyone else is a waste of time because the ANC will win. Jesus and others have told him so. The build-up to these elections has shown, however, that if there’s one thing that can damage the ANC it’s the ANC itself. Meanwhile, across the ocean, another man not qualified to lead a country, believes he is also right, on every…

1 min.

Shore started out working for photographers David LaChapelle and Brian Bowen Smith. Paying close attention to every artistic detail helped him to define his own style, His work is regularly featured in magazines world wide. Boipelo began her fashion career as an intern at Elle. Now working the GQ pages, she sees fashion as psychology. ‘What we love to wear is a reflection of our state of mind.’ Boipelo wears black when she’s happy. Raised in an 18 sibling-strong household in Swaziland, Sasha knows much about embracing diversity, as well as the value of hard work – you only have to look at our fashion pages to see that. ‘Productivity is a way of life.’ Seliger’s interest in photography began early, creating his own darkroom in his family bathroom. In 1987, he began…

3 min.

Would like to meet: dating apps that really work Six dream downloads that (if they actually existed) would seriously enhance your love life PRE-GOOGLD We all do it – some light Google stalking before every date. Nothing weird, just an interested 15 minutes or so sussing out any particularly burly ex-boyfriends on lnstagram, or all-caps comments about Taylor Swift (either pro or anti is a worry). So let Pre-Googld do that legwork for you: everyone on Pre-Googld comes with a fact sheet with the highlights. PICCHKHA! An app specifically for people who have had professional photos with photoshopping done for their profile picture. By rounding up all these people into one app, it will mean the particular brand of disappointment you feel on meeting these people in the flesh – which is basically fraud –…

1 min.
this month on gq.co.za

NO MORE HANGOVER FACE The five go-to products that will help you hide how rough your night really was. WHICH COAT SUITS YOU? Duffel, trench, paletot – your options are endless. Check out our graphic guide to help you figure out which one’s for you. THE MOST STYLISH MEN TO FOLLOW You’ve double tapped on our list of must-follow grooming gods. Now see the best fashionistas the gram has to offer. WHAT WE’RE DRINKING This season, it’s all about cognac. Visit GQ.co.za to learn why. POLITICS – THE GQ WAY A roundup of the latest from Parliament, and other headlines around the world, with a dose of the GQ wit you love.…

2 min.

When it comes to local talent, multi-platinum-selling singing sensation Lira best encapsulates what it means to make it big. The 11-time South African Music Awards winner has been working her way to the top for more than a decade, starting with her 2003 debut album All My Love. She’s knocked Beyoncé off local charts and was the first South African to have a music video played on VH-1. At the 2010 Fifa World Cup Kick-Off Concert she paid homage to Miriam Makeba with a performance of ‘Pata Pata’ alongside Hugh Masekela. ‘It opened so many doors for me internationally,’ says Lira, whose real name is Lerato Molapo. ‘There was suddenly great recognition and great talking points,’ she says. Lira again raised the topic of the continent in L’Uomo Vogue’ 2012 rebranding Africa…

2 min.
savouring a career in cuisine

‘My mom gave me a blank recipe book and told me to fill it with all my favourite food’ It’s not every day that someone tells you getting fired was the biggest blessing in their life. But for Lentswe Bhengu, the man behind South Africa’s first web food series, Africa on a Plate, it was. ‘I didn’t see it at the time, but it taught me so much about myself and how much to treasure your work,’ he says. After five years of feeling unfulfilled in the investment finance industry, Bhengu finally took the leap and enrolled at The Culinary Academy in the Cape Winelands. ‘Throughout that whole period of working in corporate, I’d been taking my mom to open days at chef schools,’ Bhengu tells GQ. But when it came to…