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GQ South Africa February 2018

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Ian Engelbrecht Photographer Finding inspiration in everyday life in Cape Town, photographer Ian Engelbrecht produces work that draws artistic stimulation from this city of creatives, natural beauty and cosmopolitan society. Michael Christensen Writer An Englishman in Sydney, Christensen’s been the editor of GQ Australia since October. Like Chris Hemsworth, he’s a family guy and they’re both good friends with Mick Fanning, though neither has dared to surf at J-Bay! Ruby Parker Copy editor Ruby Parker is completing her MA in Creative Writing at UCT. In the past, she’s worked on titles such as House & Garden and Glamour. Her highest ambition is publishing a YA novel and earning the affection of her cat. Petros Augousti Writer Augosti’s ‘participatory journalism’ has earned him…

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hit and kiss

I once kissed a woman on the nose. At an event, in front of both of our bosses. She was easily 20 years my senior, and was the very picture of grace and elegance; definitely someone I was aiming to impress. And I kissed her on the nose. Exuberant hellos were exchanged, and then she moved in for a cheek kiss, which we successfully executed, no sweat. But then it seemed as if we were about to the upgrade the single- into a double-cheek kiss (or so I thought), and so I turned my head to do so, right as she dipped hers, and my very confused lips landed squarely on her nose. We laughed about it afterwards, and if nothing else, she’ll never forget me – but…

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the hit list

1 THE SERIES Westworld finally returns to our screens for a much-anticipated second season. Switching gears, the sci-fi western doesn’t pick up where the previous season left off. But, before you panic, old favourites like Dolores (Evan Rachel Woods) and Maeve (Thandie Newton) are set to return, as well as some new faces like Viking’s GustafSkårsgard. 2 THE PRODUCT Protect your hair against sun-damage with Balmain Hair Couture’s Silk Perfume. Enriched with Argan oil and silk proteins, it’s guaranteed to keep your locks looking shiny all summer long. 50ml R295 3 THE DRINK Unlock the secrets to the perfect gin and tonic with this magical Hendrick’s Gin gift set, including otherworldly cocktail recipes and a special teacup for mysterious cucumber rituals. Hendrick’s Gin The…

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this month on the new gq.co.za

STYLE: Up-to-the minute fashion and runway news, daily style upgrades and more exclusive behind-the-scenes action GROOMING: All of your grooming concerns narrowed down so you can face them head-on CULTURE: The latest developments in the entertainment, business, food, fitness and tech industries WOMEN: Get to know the models and celebrities heating up your InstagramPHOTOGRAPHS BY KARL ROGERS, BRYCE THOMPSON, HIGOR BASTOS, ANNALIZE NEL ■…

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belle lucia

For someone who’s pictured almost daily against a backdrop of sand and sea, Australian beauty Belle Lucia manages to squeeze surprisingly little leisure time into her loaded schedule. ‘I don’t get many days off, but when I do, I feel a bit anxious because I’m a workaholic,’ laughs the Sydney-based model, who owes her captivating looks, in part, to her half-German, half-Portuguese heritage.Scouted at the age of 14, Lucia has long been comfortable in front of a camera lens. But she only turned her attention to full-time modelling more recently, since completing her studies in nursing – a field she pursued out of a desire to ‘help someone every day’. With a real flair for Instagram, she’s fast become Australia’s one to watch, and she’s taken to this role…

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host with the most

‘JUGGLING EVERYTHING IS HONESTLY ONE OF THE MOST DIFFICULT THINGS’ If we could all wake up with the kind of outrageous energy that Katlego Maboe does, the coffee industry would probably collapse. As a long-standing host of SABC3 breakfast show Expresso, Maboe has, for years, been the first grinning face many South Africans see on weekday mornings, and his wit and enthusiasm have served him well in his field. By the age of 31, he’s earned the status of Presenter of the Year twice at the South African Film and Television Awards, interviewed the likes of Michael Bublé and Kofi Annan, travelled far and wide, and hosted other popular TV series, including Strictly Come Dancing.It’s a good thing then that Maboe, a B.Com graduate, didn’t ultimately pursue,…