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GQ South Africa March 2018

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Edward Mulvihill Photographer Edward Mulvihill is an Australian-born artist and photographer. Mulvihill’s career began in graphic design, before moving to New York to work in photography. Now back in Sydney, he is undergoing a BA in sculpture at the National Art School. Jason Alexander Basson Executive Fashion Editor As a stylist, writer, designer, photographer, and part-time wizard, Jason Basson has made the impossible happen at GQ too many times to count. Luckily for all of us, he shares a bit more fashion magic with us in this, his last issue. Thank you, Jason! Will Storr Writer Will Storr is an award-winning journalist and novelist. His work has appeared in titles, such as The New Yorker and Esquire. He is the author of four acclaimed…

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fire and fury!

Deep breaths. Count to 10. Go exercise. Drink. Pummel a punching bag into oblivion. Rub one out. Scream along to a DMX track. Record an angry voice note to the subject of your rage (but – and please take my word on this – don’t send it). These are just some of the things people do in order to deal with anger, but for most of us, those solutions are usually only helpful as once-offs.So what the actual F do you do when you feel like everything, every day, is conspiring to make you upset? You log on to Facebook and your old friend from school makes some IDIOTIC comment about the casting of Black Panther. You open Twitter and find out yet ANOTHER brand you love did something…

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the hit list

1 THE GADGET The Nintendo Switch is a home console you can also take on the go, built to be shared with friends like a pizza. At home, it rests in a dock that connects the system to the TV. By lifting it, the system will transition to portable mode, for a gaming experience that travels with you. R5 299 takealot.com 2 THE SERIES After a two-year hiatus, Jessica Jones returns to Netflix this month. We last saw our girl in The Defenders, teaming up with four other Marvel heroes to save New York from The Hand. Details about the second season have been kept under wraps, but we do know that most of the original cast will return – even David Tennant, who…

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this month on the new gq.co.za

STYLE: Up-to-the minute fashion and runway news, daily style upgrades and more exclusive behind-the-scenes action CULTURE: The latest developments in the entertainment, business, food, fitness and tech industries GROOMING: All of your grooming concerns narrowed down so you can face them head-on WOMEN: Get to know the models and celebrities heating up your InstagramPHOTOGRAPHS BY IAN ENGELBRECHT, COURTESY OF COACH ■…

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ayanda thabethe

‘My dreams are so big, they keep me awake. It’s all the possibilities of the future that keep me going’ When Ayanda Thabethe opted to study Marketing and Communication Management, she couldn’t possibly have predicted that one of the biggest brands she’d establish would be the one she’s built around herself. Since starting out in the corporate world, the Durban-born powerhouse has added model, actress, TV host, entrepreneur and brand ambassador to her list of titles. And this ability to constantly reinvent herself has got everyone watching her every move.Despite being quite obviously born for centre stage, Thabethe originally chose the more conservative route because, she says, she’s mostly done things by the book. ‘When I was young I was taught to go for the safest option…

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shooting star

If, for some curious reason, you’d never heard of Matthew Mole and happened to bump into him on the street (or, more likely, at some gig somewhere), you’d be forgiven for assuming he was just another ordinary 20-something. The guy is about as modest as they come. And this despite having at least 23 reasons for justified bigheadedness. A sample: his debut album, The Home We Built, was the first by a South African artist to enter the local iTunes chart at number one; his 2016 release, Run, achieved gold status locally; his name regularly appears on the SAMA nominations list, and on the line-up for major festivals like Rocking the Daisies and KDay, and on every local radiostation; and he’s successfully built up an international fanbase large enough…