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GQ South Africa June 2018

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all the right stuff

I moved back to South Africa 10 years ago this month. In America, tell people you’re from South Africa (or anywhere on the continent) and you’ll get different responses. One person asked me if Swaziland, where I was born, was the name of an amusement park. Some asked if we rode elephants to school. Once, a friend of my mother’s said a woman ‘from Africa’ worked at his bank and suggested they meet each other because ‘maybe they knew each other’ (turns out, they actually did – stereotypes: 1, me: 0). Thankfully, we’re beginning to see a pattern emerge in which Americans and people in other nations are starting to learn more about us, and who we are now. As with many things in life, the shift starts with art, and…

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Originally from Namibia, Weeks attended the Stellenbosch Academy, where he obtained a BA in photography. Now based in Amsterdam and Cape Town, his photographs have been featured in The Wall Street Journal Magazine, Time and The New York Times, amongst others. As a graphic designer, Botha first fell in love with magazines after seeing Fabian Baron’s perfect typography in Vogue Paris. She has worked on a host of fashion and retail mags, and now weaves her magic on GQ South Africa’s pages as the first female Art Director. Ndu Donsa aka SkinnygenesTV is an all-things-music and hip-hop kind of guy. As a self-taught content curator, Donsa spends most of his time building brands and trying to find the next big trend in culture. In this issue, he speaks to Kwesta about what…

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the hit list

1 The RUG The Big Lebowski got it right: nothing pulls a room together like a rug. Ninevites rugs are made from 90% mohair, and come in a range of traditional African designs. From R2 500, theninevites.net 2 The STATIONERY Dress up your Moleskine diary with the William Tell pen sheath from Stockton Goods. Handmade using vegetable-tanned leather, its produced in a 100-year-old KwaZulu-Natal factory. R250, stocktongoods.com 3 The DRINKS TROLLEY Add a touch of sophistication to your office with an old-fashioned drinks trolley. Made from mild steel and glass, this Stokperd original is the perfect addition. R3 300, stokperd.com 4 The LAMP This copper lamp from The Artisan is as stylish as it’s functional, ideal for those late nights or just looking good on your desk. R1 400, the-artisan.co.za 5 The WALL ART Invest in some original artwork…

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sho madjozi

It wouldn’t really be accurate to say that Maya Wegerif, known more widely today as Sho Madjozi, chose to make words her thing. Because it wasn’t really a choice at all. ‘I don’t love writing; it’s painful to write,’ explains the 26-year-old rapper and poet. ‘But for me, it’s life. I would have died several times if I didn’t know how to write. Sometimes I wake up at night and I can’t go back to sleep until I put down the poem that’s scratching its way out of me.’ Born in Limpopo to a black mother and a white political activist father, Madjozi, who was named after the great Maya Angelou, has massaged her gift for words into everything from short stories and screenplays to poetry and, most recently, rap lyrics.…

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guitar hero

When Shen Winberg reflects on the first decade of his life, it’s not the angst of years spent in hiding that he first recalls. Not the endless relocation from safe house to safe house. Or the distress that must have come with having two parents on the National Party’s hit list. Rather, it’s the sense of solidarity that surrounded him. The drive to stand for something. And the music. ‘We were always on the move, and music was the only constant,’ he reminisces. ‘We’d get in the car and press play, get to our next stop and turn on the radio.’ As a boy raised on rhythms, it’s not all that surprising that by the age of 12, Winberg had already committed to a career in entertainment. ‘I said, “Mom, dad,…

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lens crafters

Trying to remember a time before phones had cameras feels like trying to remember a time before the wheel, or discovering fire, or before we knew how to pronounce ‘Beyoncé’. Well, ok, that may be a bit too extreme – but there once was a time when we’d carry a camera everywhere – from a family holiday to a night out; these days, the only camera some of us will ever own lives right in our pocket. Every day the tech improves, as the newest batch of smartphone cameras creep right into the pro-zone. Samsung Galaxy S9+ Samsung’s new flagship brings a biology lesson to smartphones, with an industry-first dual aperture (the opening which lets in light) which mimics the human eye – it automatically adjusts to let in more light in…