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GQ South Africa

GQ South Africa September 2018

GQ South Africa is the first and last word on men's style. With access to some of the world's top photographers and writers, GQ offers professional men content that is entertaining and enlightening. Whether it's fashion, tech, business, Hollywood or investigative journalism, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

South Africa
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11 Issues


1 min.

COLLEEN GOOSEN MANAGING EDITOR With more than 13 years publishing experience, Goosen established herself as the silent force behind GQ’s editorial team – truly earning the nickname ‘The Oracle’ After more than 7›000 pages approved for print, we bid her a very bittersweet farewell this month – and thank her for not only being a powerhouse, but empowering and uplifting our entire team every single day. BERND FISCHER CONTENT EDITOR ‘BEING NUMBER ONE’ As Content Editor, Fischer overseas a number of the magazine’s features, including its grooming section. This month, he sat down with Roger Federer in Paris, and interviewed Bonang Matheba, the first South African woman to front the stand-alone cover of GQ South Africa.…

2 min.
power sharing

HAVE YOU EVER MET SOMEONE WHO EXUDES POWER? It’s as if you can feel it coming off them in waves. You can see a level of being-in-control, not just in everything they do, but in everything they are – right down to their mannerisms, their gait, sometimes even just through the tilt of their head. That’s the kind of person who changes the energy of whatever room they enter, who causes crowds to crane their necks to get a glimpse of the glow. Celebs, athletes, corporate big shots, and politicians – they all still get to live in that ‘glow’, but they’re no longer the only ones who do. In the last 20 years, power’s become democratised – and its meaning has shifted accordingly. In 2018, power doesn’t have to equal force…

1 min.
the hit list

The spot Located on the 19th floor of Cape Town’s The Westin hotel, ON19 boasts spectacular views of the Mother City – especially at night. Against this glittering backdrop, executive chef Stephen Mandes serves up delicious modern comfort food, focusing on simple, bold flavours. on19restaurant.co.za The product Cult handmade bath and body brand Rain Africa – proudly produced in the small South African town of Swellendam and sold in stores around the globe – has after years in the industry finally launched the G-Range, aimed specifically for their male customers. The new goods use wild harvested ingredients and African botanicals, and true to the brand’s ethos, is also animal-cruelty free. rain.co.za POSTS EDITED FOR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR. PHOTOGRAPHS BY NIQUITA BENTO, KARL ROGERS, PATRICK T FALLON/THE NEW YORK TIMES…

1 min.
the beauty of blend

• FOR ITS LATEST feat, watch and accessories label MVMT partnered up with visual artist Sam Kolder. This latest limited-edition project celebrates the world’s greatest yet most elusive asset: time. MVMT’s designers paired rose-gold hardware and marine blue leather – colour matched to one of Kolder’s favourite photos – to give its Voyager range some new mileage, while maintaining the stunning simplicity we’ve come to love. Blends make the world more interesting. Tullamore D.E.W. brings together three kinds of Irish whiskey for a blend that’s as wonderfully complex as you are. Learn more at tullamoredew.com…

1 min.
double take

The jacket that was once a favourite in the ’80s is making a serious comeback. Originally worn by Wall Street bankers and ad execs, it has since been picked up by more creative types with serious style like Donald Glover and A$AP Rocky. We’re not talking about your granddad’s old jacket – today’s version is fitted all over, which makes it much more flattering and wearable. And don’t forget: a double-breasted jacket doesn’t always need to be worn as part of a suit. Go on, live large. 1 Suited up There’s just something about a double-breasted suit that says you’ve made it. Take everything you know about a regular single-breasted suit and apply it here. 2 Pared down Don’t overthink it – the blazer will make the statement. Keep everything else understated. A plain…

4 min.
silver linings playbook

“There are ordinary South Africans that are doing extraordinary things every day. They inspire me to just keep telling their stories” • IN JUST THREE YEARS, Brent Lindeque went from your average nine-to-fiver to ‘The Good Things Guy’ – a radio host, TV personality, inspirational speaker and curator of all things, well, good. In times that can seem so trying, The Good Things Guy is an uplifting local platform that enlightens viewers with ‘upworthy’ news and inspiring stories from South Africa and the rest of the world. ‘I feel like I’m part of something so much bigger now,’ Lindeque says of this almost accidental career path. ‘For the first time in my life, I believe that I have truly found my passion.’ So how did he find himself in this incredible position? It all…