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it’s time to talk

‘BE A MAN.’ WHAT DOES THAT MEAN IN 2018? Yes, we’re in arguably one of our most progressive periods in society as a whole, but phrases like this still exist. Because when people talk about ‘being a man’, it turns out they very often still mean ‘Be all of the classic ideals of masculinity’. You have to be strong, you have to provide for your family, and your worth is determined by how or how much you can provide. You’ll only really be able to measure your career in monetary terms, in titles and even in what you wear to work, instead of how fulfilled you are by your profession or what it enables you to do. Showing emotion is still frowned upon, and you’ll often find yourself earning more ‘respect’ the…

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DAYLE KAVONIC WRITER ‘THE MANLY FACES OF DEPRESSION’ Page 82 As a freelance writer and content manager, Kavonic contributes to a number of local and international platforms across print and digital. Although she only officially made writing a career after completing her studies in psychology at UCT, she’s been passionate about words ever since she first learnt how to use them. MIRA LEIBOWITZ FASHION EDITOR Although she’s a Jo’burg girl at heart, Leibowitz made the move to the Mother City in pursuit of her dreams to make it the fast-paced world of fashion. And boy is she glad about it. Aside from hustling across both GQ and Glamour, she’s running with The Pack (the female empowering run club in collaboration with Nike), out climbing mountains, having weekly dinners at Giulio’s with her fam and sometimes…

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the hit list

Add some colour to any celebration with the Veuve Clicquot Magnetic Pencil, the latest edition to the iconic Champagne house’s Colorama Collection. Inside the box, you’ll find a playful pencil magnet just waiting to be personalised. Write your message on the pencil, then display it on the refrigerator while you chill your 75cl bottle of Yellow Label or Rosé. Available from leading liquor merchants nationwide while stocks last, from R549. veuveclicquot.com The spot Need to unwind? Located on the top of Cape Town’s The Westin Hotel, The Heavenly Spa is the perfect place to relax in style. The spa offers a variety of revitalising options, from therapeutic massages to cleansing facials and invigorating body treatments. Afterwards, go for a hot sauna or take a dip in the pool and enjoy the breathtaking…

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the beauty of blend

• IF 2018 HAS TAUGHT us one thing so far, it’s that the fashion world loves to reinvent a classic. Nike teamed up with superstar Off-White designer Virgil Abloh to update the popular Jordan 1 UNC, which features Michael Jordan’s pre-fame university colours, with all of the now-iconic deconstructed Abloh touches, including bold insignia against a backdrop of crisp white mesh – creating one of the most sought-after sneakers of the year. Blends make the world more interesting. Tullamore D.E.W. brings together three kinds of Irish whiskey for a blend that’s as wonderfully complex as you are. Learn more at tullamoredew.com*…

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the hall effect

GQ: Have you always wanted to pursue a career in television? How did you get started? Zuri Hall: Yes, I’ve always wanted to be in entertainment – I grew up on stage, acting and doing commercials. I fell in love with presenting after winning a competition to be the face of a local TV station. And the rest is history! GQ: What’s been the highlight of your career so far? ZH: I really enjoyed awards season. Working with our E! red carpet team is really special – they’re a well-oiled machine and they know what they’re doing. Working alongside Ryan Seacrest, having the honour of being a co-host on a red-carpet show that he’s a part of, is amazing. I co-hosted the Oscars E! red carpet with him this past awards season, along…

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music to your ears

• WHETHER YOUR TOP 10 MOST-PLAYED LIST consists of Arcade Fire, Brahms or Cardi B, a true audiophile will appreciate being able to pick out every nuance in a track. If, like us, you’re still trying decide for yourself if Drake was saying all he loves is ‘my bed’ or his son ‘Mahbed’ (and if he’s really that clever), here’s a hint: start by upgrading your audio. While it used to be true that the best audio quality comes from a wired setup, the ideals of quality and ease-of-connectivity are no longer mutually exclusive, as some of the most experienced nameplates in both live and recording equipment have fully embraced the aux-cord-free life, with pro-level credentials intact. Fender, known for guitars and amplifiers that have changed music history, and Klipsch,…