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no small parts

YOU MIGHT THINK that having a key role in one of the world’s most popular TV shows would give you confidence that would outsize the moon. People know your face, root for your character throughout his entire arc, and eagerly anticipate the next episode, even in a world where time is measured in how many shows we can binge in a weekend. And why wouldn’t you think so? Even in the fictional world of HBO’s Entourage, every successful performance Vincent Chase delivered gave him (and those around him) access to the next level on the search for the next project – and the licence to be arrogant about it. So why wouldn’t the star of another HBO show, this month’s cover star Richard Madden, feel the same? After all, he’s Game of…

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CAYLEIGH BRIGHT WRITER + EDITOR An author, reviewer and books writer, Cayleigh has talked books with Lionel Shriver, Jonathan Franzen, Zakes Mda and Michael Caine for GQ. This month, she headed back to our HQ – where she began her career as an intern some years back – to put a few final touches to this month’s issue. LEANNE BOTHA ART DIRECTOR With more than 11 years of publishing experience, Leanne led last year’s visual rebirth of GQ and GQ Style - with the help of a lot of coffee and a seriously talented team. Though she bids us farewell this month, she will always be a part of the GQ family.…

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the hit list

1 The Girl From St. Agnes It’s got a winning formula that the whole world’s currently hooked on: a mysterious death, a hunt for the truth, dark secrets – all in eight bingeable episodes. What’s got us even more intrigued is that the series, set in a prestigious boarding school, is Showmax’s first original drama and was made right here in SA – in Joburg and the KZN Midlands – and features some of our finest actors. Now on Showmax 2 The Magicians Those entranced by this cult fantasy series – dubbed a grown-up, sexually progressive Harry Potter meets The Chronicles of Narnia – will be happy to know that the new season is ready to stream. Season Four continues to follow the students of Brakebills University of Magic, who’ve had their memories wiped…

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the ultimate guide to sneaker stardom

HOW TO style your turn-up with sneakers RARE KICKS: AN ILLUSTRATED WISH LIST…

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a confession...

‘It began with a friend who lived in Saudi. He knew people who worked at Nike and Adidas and they would tip us off when there was going to be a big sneaker drop. I’d send a guy to all the stores in the region. They’d get there early and buy as many as possible to resell. We were cleaning up – I made more than $7,000 (R96 939) on two pairs, once. I didn’t feel bad: these guys were getting around $30–$130 (R415–R1 800) per shoe, depending on how rare they were. Now it’s changed. You generally have to enter a raffle and can only buy one pair. You have to bring ID and walk out in the shoes. It was good while it lasted.’…

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cop a load of this

Beaters General release sneakers: your go-to shoes for all occasions. Bred A black and red colourway. Cop Getting hold of a new sneaker when it comes out. Colourway A colour and style of a particular sneaker. Collab A joint production on a shoe between two brands. Deadstock A sneaker that has never been worn, now being sold in the resale market. Drop A fresh sneaker release. Grails Universally known as being an iconic sneaker: an absolute must-have. Hypebeast An individual known for chasing and reselling rare sneakers. Hyperstrike A limited drop that can occur without any warning. OG The original colourway of a shoe. On ice Buying multiple pairs of the same sneaker and keeping some aside - not to be worn. Plug A reseller who supplies rare and sought after sneakers. Slept on A cool sneaker that the market didn’t pick up on. TTS (True To Size) in reference to how a sneaker fits.…