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WE’RE ALL SEARCHING AND STRIVING FOR SUCCESS, RIGHT? And there are those markers that, until capitalism gets replaced with something else, will most probably never change: a property purchase; marriage; kids; a newer, better, bigger car, and so on. At work, it’s promotions; more power, more influence and, if we’re lucky, a greater chance to impact the world. I’ve had several of those, and that shit is addictive. So you’re successful and you’re hooked on those wins – now what? If you’ve reached a point where you’re no longer punching above your weight, but have established yourself as a heavyweight, what’s next? Are you left in a never-ending loop of defending your title? Or, to borrow a line from Suits, what happens after your name is on the wall? Can you…

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JEAN JACOBS PRODUCTION MANAGER Jean started her publishing career 16 years ago, working in a reproduction house. When she’s not chasing deadlines, she’s either cheering for her son on the rugby field, whipping up a delectable meal or putting her confectionary skills to good use in the kitchen. LISA ABDELLAH SENIOR COPY EDITOR Lisa has eight years’ experience in the magazine industry as an editor and writer. She was born in Liverpool, England, and moved to Cape Town in 2010 with her husband Alex and a bikini. Lisa is obsessed with running, good food and even better red wine.…

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the hit list

1 Asana Rebel Hundreds of yoga workouts, whether you want to burn fat, build strength, or improve your flexibility, balance and focus. 2 Strava Tracks running and cycling, via a bike computer, GPS or smartphone. Compare your performance and connect with other riders and runners, either in the app or by posting on social media apps such as Facebook. 3 Sleep Cycle Identifies sleep states and tracks your movements in bed. Sleep Cycle uses a wake-up phase (30 minutes by default) that ends at your desired alarm time, then wakes you up softly when you’re in the light sleep stage. This means you’re more likely to feel naturally rested. 4 MapMyRun Analyse your workouts and create challenges. Syncs with Under Armour Smart Shoes, tracking metrics such as pace and stride when you run. 5 Fitkey Choose from thousands of…

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the beauty of blend

• NO COLLABORATION COULD KEEP YOU MORE GROUNDED than that between Puma and Pirelli. When both brands put their grip-keeping technology and expertise to work, the result is the Replicat X sneaker, which brings the track to the street. The Cinturato tread pattern maintains grip in the most slippery conditions, while the shoe’s upper combines aerodynamics with Puma’s classic lightweight and breathable construction – for a combo that’s anything but ordinary. Blends make the world more interesting. Tullamore D.E.W. brings together three kinds of Irish whiskey for a blend that’s as wonderfully complex as you are. Learn more at tullamoredew.com PHOTOGRAPHY BY MARION MICHELLE/UNSPLASH.COM, DAN RUSSO/UNSPLASH.COM,DANE DEANER/UNSPLASH.COM, JAKOB OWENS/UNSPLASH.COM, BOGDAN YUKHYMCHUK/UNSPLASH.COM…

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hell yes

GQ: What can fans expect from season four? Lesley-Ann Brandt: This season is definitely one for the fans and it’s a wild ride. All your favourite characters are going through some kind of challenge or struggle. It’s a darker, sexier version of the show they fell in love with in the first place, but we’ve really tried to up our game. GQ: How did it feel having fans resurrect the show after its cancellation? ‘I DON’T OVERTHINK THINGS BECAUSE THERE’S LITERALLY NO TIME TO – AND THAT’S DONE WONDERS FOR ME AS AN ACTRESS’ LB: Humbling. When you’ve been in the industry for a while, you know that cancellations are part of the business and definitely part of TV. But being cancelled by Fox was the best thing for our show because Netflix is…

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unbound sound

BANG & OHUFSEN BEOSOUND EDGE The Danish wizards at B&O find buttons boring – hence the imaginative controls on this knee-high, double-sided speaker. To change the volume, give it a gentle push like you’re trying to roll it. When the volume hits the desired level, let go and the cylinder settles back into place. It’s a design that upends expectations of how a speaker should look and function, and its wireless audio chops (options include AirPlay 2, Bluetooth and Chromecast) are as progressive as its silhouette. R56 630 AUDEZE MOBIUS These high-end Bluetooth headphones deliver powerful, distortion-free audio, but their real talent is transforming the listening experience. Built-in sensors track the direction I’m facing, and the audio adjusts as I turn my head to keep the sound stage centred, simulating how we hear…