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a powerful story

Ten years ago, I arrived in Cape Town, having freshly returned from the US to the continent of my birth. With a lot of persistence (and assistance), I was able to build my own network. There’s tremendous power in networks, as the adage indicates, but once you’re in the door you’ve got to consistently prove you deserve a space at the table. I’ve been fortunate to be able to do the same, and for me this issue marks seven and a half years at GQ, and also marks two years since taking over as editor-in-chief. So many things about how we produce content, and even the economics of media brands, has changed – but the one thing that hasn’t is the art of storytelling. Perhaps my favourite description of GQ came from…

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SHANNON MANUEL SENIOR CONTENT PRODUCER A lover of telling engaging stories and meeting interesting people, Shannon joined the GQ team four months ago with six years experience in the publishing industry. Books, music, tattoos, animals and Sebastian Stan are a few of her favourite things. THOBEKA PHANYEKO CONTENT PRODUCER Having swapped the GP for the CPT, the Mother City has since held a special place in Thoby’s heart, who moved to advance her media career. She’s a life coach, NLP practitioner and DJ, but her favourite title is Mom to her five-year-old daughter, Oratile.…

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the hit list

1 Fiit Classes can be streamed to your TV. Opt for the premium membership, which logs metrics via a heart-rate monitor. fiit.tv 2 Charity Miles This app lets you choose your charity and pledge some coins for each kilometre you run, walk or cycle. charitymiles.org 3 Senza Want to go keto? Senza tracks macros and logs ketone levels, while its barcode scanner feature checks if snacks fit your low-carb quota. senza.us 4 Romwod Designed by CrossFitters, Romwod accelerates recovery, boosts performance and keeps muscle soreness at bay. romwod.com 5 Yogaia Master your vinyasa with Yogaia, the first digital yoga studio providing live-streamed classes. Practitioners can even correct your poses via a webcam. yogaia.com 6 Komoot Embrace the great outdoors with the app that logs and lists the best tracks and trails for users to explore by foot or bike. komoot.com 7 Noisli Boost…

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the beauty of blend

• NOTHING LASTS, NOTHING’S FINISHED, NOTHING’S PERFECT – that’s the motto of a collection that encourages seeking the beauty in imperfection. Ditching the usual graphics and logos, RHUDE leans toward a minimal aesthetic for a first-time collaboration with PUMA. The PUMA x RHUDE collection will see the drop of four iconic PUMA silhouettes reimagined in designs that are low-key, while still remaining stylish as hell, along with unisex separates to go with the sneakers. Blends make the world more interesting. Tullamore D.E.W. brings together three kinds of Irish whiskey for a blend that’s as wonderfully complex as you are. Learn more at tullamoredew.com PHOTOGRAPHY BY KELLY SIKKEMA/UNSPLASH.COM, CLIQUE IMAGES/UNSPLASH.COM, SRI LANKA/UNSPLASH.COM, MEGHAN HOLMES/UNSPLASH.COM, FORM/UNSPLASH.COM, TANNER BORIACK/UNSPLASH.COM, PUMA/RHUDE…

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gq .co.za

STYLE Up-to-the minute fashion and runway news, daily style upgrades and exclusive behind-the-scenes action CULTURE The latest developments in the entertainment, business, food, fitness and tech industries PEOPLE Discover the celebrities heating up your feeds, the models on the come-up and get exclusive access to GQ events @LesleyAnnBrandt Hey South Africa, latest issue of @GQdotcoza is on stands now. @rassie72 Sport, what a beautiful thing. @tebohorasoaisi Hey Mom, look, I’m in GQ! Thank you to @YatiKhumalo for the wonderful profile. @kearabetswe1616 Seated pretty, speaking dreams into existence. FOLLOW US ON @GQdotcoza @GQSouthAfrica PHOTOGRAPHY BY LUKE KUISIS AT AGENT EMMA, RUSSELL SMITH. SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS HAVE BEEN EDITED FOR LENGTH, SPELLING AND GRAMMAR…

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sphere of influence

GQ: Where are you from and what are you currently working on? Mihlali Ndamase: I was born in KwaZulu-Natal and moved to Joburg in 2015. I’m studying a BA in Strategic Brand Communications at Vega School in Cape Town. GQ: How would you describe yourself? MN: Young, fun, determined, a perfectionist. GQ: What are the most important aspects when cultivating a personal brand? MN: Defining and understanding who your target audience is and how to make yourself more relatable to them, setting the tone for how you want your brand to be perceived, and taking the time to craft a pitch and communicate that throughout your platforms. It’s vital that you’re authentic and create quality content that encourages your audience to engage with you, network and attend events, and conduct yourself professionally. GQ: What motivated you…