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upside down

This year feels a lot like the series’ alternate universe, the Upside Down, in almost every way – we’re all trying to keep the monsters at bay. The characters in Stranger Things rely heavily on superpowers. When those fail, they fight with the only tools they have left: teamwork and a whole lot of attitude. Attitude means being bold and fearless. It’s both predictable and unpredictable: your next move might not always be crystal clear to those around you, but there’s no doubt it’ll be a game-changer. Sudden plot twists often feature in Quentin Tarantino’s films. He describes his latest project, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, as ‘a love letter to storytelling’. And that fearlessness has its way of attracting the right collaborators: actors like Leonardo DiCaprio and this month’s…

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WALTER HAYWARD MANAGING AND SYNDICATION EDITOR Walter’s love of journalism was inspired by Ugly Betty in 2006. More than a decade later, with a journalism degree under his belt, he now helps manage the editorial and syndication departments. AMY SAUNDERS ONLINE CONTENT PRODUCER Amy is a digital content producer who achieved her creds at Unisa and CityVarsity. An ex news journo, her ‘Before I Turn 30’ goals include producing a seriously humorous Netflix special about being coloured and queer in South Africa, and continuing to make her mama proud.…

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the hit list

1 Actions From the people who brought you the iconic Moleskine notebooks, this new app keeps track of tasks, appointments and reminders. Organise lists as obsessively as you want with custom colour coding, and set reminders liberally if you need nudging. (Free on iOS and Android) 2 Airmail This app for iOS devices streamlines your cluttered inbox with a hyper-personalised approach. You can tag messages with labels and colours of your choosing and customise swipe gestures to tri›er specific actions. And yes, it has Undo Send, too. (Free on iOS) 3 Pocket Pocket archives web articles, news stories and online documents into a personal library so you can read them later in the app’s distraction-free interface. Use it to collect industry headlines, then sync them to your phone for offline reading. (Free on iOS and…

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the beauty of blend

FOR THEIR FIRST COLLABORATION WITH PUMA, Istanbul-based streetwear brand Les Benjamins took inspiration from founder Bünyamin Aydin’s passion for photography and travel to reimagine Puma silhouettes with the rich colours and detailing of traditional Turkish decor. Now, the collection’s second iteration embraces the outdoors, and the footwear gains hiking-inspired rope laces and mountain motifs, rounding out a highly functional yet culture-steeped collection. Blends make the world more interesting. Tullamore D.E.W. brings together three kinds of Irish whiskey for a blend that’s as wonderfully complex as you are. Learn more at tullamoredew.com…

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the evolution of music

GQ: For those new to your music, how would you describe your sound? Neo Jessica Joshua: An eclectic mix of everything I listened to when I was growing up, from R&B to electronic, and from Motown and jazz to world music. GQ: What do you love most about making music? NJ: I love the creative process: sitting in a room with a blank sheet of paper, knowing that by the end of the day a new song will have been written that no one else in the world could have written apart from me. It amazes me every time. GQ: How far is your music a reflection of your identity? NJ: I’m a British artist whose music is heavily influenced by black-American and black-British genres. Where I grew up, we listened to garage, grime and…

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the unapologetic hitmaker

HAVING ESTABLISHED HIMSELF AS ONE OF R&B’S MOST SONIC FABULISTS OVER THE LAST DECADE, consummate artist Miguel has never been afraid to follow his impulses – wherever they lead him. Throughout his musical career, the self-described ‘dynamic, psychological thriller with sexual overtones’, has proven himself a master of reinvention. Of his musical evolution, from his first album to his latest, he says ‘Even in “All I Want Is You”, my approach has always been to offer listeners alternative sounds and themes. I want to use my music to increase their appreciation of different types of musical styles and genres.’ He achieved this when he received global recognition for his self-produced single “Adorn” in 2012. With its subdued groove and emotive lyrics, the song signalled a big change for the genre, paving the…