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letter from the editor

Mars attacks and other hashtags WHERE WERE YOU WHEN THE RAND HIT R20 TO THE BRITISH POUND? The details are a bit hazy to be honest, but I do remember when it breached the symbolic level of R10 to the US dollar two years ago; people then were saying that we had crossed some sort of line, that we were at risk, and that something had to do done. Well, nothing was done, at least not in a constructive sense. The political leaders, as usual, seemed unaware of any crisis. And so we experienced another momentous year in 2015. Everywhere you looked, South Africa’s stale old men, sprouting stale old rhetoric, blocked the youth. As the ‘leadership’ surrounded by their VIP protection units dithered here, and appointed a task force there, students…

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Billy Kidd Photographer Billy Kidd is a Brooklyn based photographer. Born in Panama City, Florida, he grew up on the west coast, before moving to New York. Kidd shoots for magazines such as Interview, W, Numero, Italian Vogue and more. Nike, Uniqlo, YSL, and Barneys are just a few of his commercial clients he loves working with. Chris Heath Writer Pages 96 – 100 Chris Heath has written about murders, politics, refugees, tsunamis and popular culture for GQ. His article about a would-be solo assassin of Osama Bin Laden is currently being made into a movie, Army Of One, starring Nicolas Cage. He is also the author of Feel, a book about the pop star Robbie Williams. Justin Polkey Photographer Pages 129 – 136 Justin’s early affiliation with style was evident in his childhood fascination with the superhero. For him,…

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WINNING WORDS HOW TO BE INSPIRED Dear GQ, ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.’ These are the great words from Marianas Williamson, the same words that Lewis Hamilton, in GQ’s October issue, lives by. What really caught my attention is how today he still remembers the never-give-up words of inspiration from his father too – that’s a true GQ Man right there. And to imagine that he’s lived like this since he became a champion at the age of 14 and still dominates his rivals today. This just proves that if you live everyday life with the sense that you are powerful beyond your own understanding, the most unimaginable things can be achieved. Thank you Lewis for the inspiration. – Mangaliso…

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Looking for a fresh pair of shades this summer? The classic Ray-Ban round shape gets a modern update with a pair of stylish and contemporary flash lenses. Following the success of the Aviator and Wayfarer models, Ray-Ban breathes life into its signature vintage style, making the brand more dynamic than ever. TO ENTER, send us your feedback on anything you’ve seen in the mag or online (maximum 150 words) along with your full name and ID number. Competition ends 31/1/16. Terms and conditions apply; see pg151.…

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american woman

While her voice is marked in youthfulness, 20-year-old Hailey Clauson has a sparked charm that will effortlessly spin you around in the candy floss machine that is her conversation. She’s just back from a morning boxing class and, close to wrapping 2015, she has had at least one knockout – her debut in Sport’s Illustrated’ Swimwear Edition. It’s a move that left people shouting her name from the streets. ‘It’s a novelty I still haven’t quite gotten used to,’ Hailey says. ‘Yu Tsai is a friend, so he captured those moments really well.’ But when it comes to Instagram, you see a genuine personal side. ‘People are more interested in what you’re doing than just seeing a pretty girl, because nowadays everyone is a pretty girl on Instagram. A little bit…

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boardwalk empire

Not everyone has the tenacity to turn a hobby into a career, but for Cape Town’s Michael February, the transition from weekend surfer to international competitor was as natural as the seaside he’s grown up with. This year alone, February, at 22 years old, competed in some of the world’s top surfing competitions, including Hawaii’s Martinique Surf Pro, landing a second-place finish. His performance has seen him ride the wave to reach the 43rd spot in World Surf League ratings, putting him hot on the heels of SA world champions Grant Baker and Jordy Smith. ‘Martinique has helped me a lot,’ says February. ‘Before, I was unable to compete in events higher than a QS6000, but now, because of the points I gained in the competition, I’m able to compete in…