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GQ South Africa

GQ South Africa March 2016

GQ South Africa is the first and last word on men's style. With access to some of the world's top photographers and writers, GQ offers professional men content that is entertaining and enlightening. Whether it's fashion, tech, business, Hollywood or investigative journalism, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination.

South Africa
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12 Issues


2 min.
letter from the editor

The creed of speed WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THE SLOW-FOOD MOVEMENT? It had to speed up to survive, that’s what. If you look at how tapas-style eating is fast catching on, then speed – even when it comes to food – is a necessity. On the finance front, a trade that 10 years ago would have taken 24 hours can now be done in a fraction of a second. Those with access to the markets earlier have a few sub-seconds advantage to make a killing. It’s known as high-frequency trading in dark pools, and happens so quickly that, officially, its existence is being denied. Tech is all about speed, power and costs, and that makes for a confusing consumer mix. Should you ditch your linear TV for a streaming UHD device that…

1 min.

Branislav Simoncik Photographer Pages 70 – 73 Simoncik made his start in documentary photography, was awarded the Fuji Press Prize in the sport category, and has now made the transition to fashion photography. In his a new niche, he has shot top models for covers of several international titles. Jesse Katz Writer Pages 84 – 88 Jesse Katz is a Los Angeles-based writer and the author of the memoir The Opposite Field. His work appears regularly in Los Angeles magazine and The California Sunday magazine. He began his career at the Los Angeles Times, where he shared in two Pulitzer Prizes. Josef Fischnaller Photographer Pages 95 – 102 The Berlin-based photographer shoots mainly high-end fashion, opera and film stars. His solo exhibits are opulent spectacles that have won him multiple awards and much prestige in the industry. Megan Playton Syndication Manager Pages 10 –…

3 min.

WINNING WORDS LIKE A CHAMP Dear GQ, I’m a big fan. Each year keeps getting better – of course no disappointment comes to mind, especially with this month’s mag. The fashion guide really helped me find a decent pair of summer shorts, so I thank you. A must-read was the interview with Michael B Jordan. What a GQ guy. I truly admire his work ethic and what he has accomplished so far. He’s worked hard to get where he is today, and it just shows you that through any situation you have to try and rise up like a champ. The best quote was ‘it goes like it goes’. Keep it up, GQ. – Rowan van Blerk Rowan wins a pair of Ray-Ban flash lens sunglasses worth R2 060 Lip Sync Battle: a GQ wishlist After…

1 min.
bonnie mbuli

‘The freedom and ecstasy I feel when I’m on set is like no other I’ve experienced’ Bonnie Mbuli is a rare kind of woman. Her striking looks and talent have landed her international acting gigs and brought her into millions of homes as a presenter on Afternoon Express. First scouted at age 13 at a bus stop in Soweto, Bonnie saw her career began with a bang. ‘I wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary,’ she says. ‘[The scout] liked my look and thought I’d look great on screen. I did a screen test on Saturday and landed my first acting gig on Monday. The rest is history.’ And it’s a story Bonnie has penned in an autobiography, Eyebags and Dimples, which has achieved remarkable reviews. Bonnie’s starred in headline films like Invictus…

1 min.
kyle brown

‘The pillars of a successful rugby team are built on selfless hard work’ Kyle Brown’s value to the Springbok Sevens side – voted Team of the Year at the 2015 SA Sports Awards – cannot merely be measured in terms of the number of tackles he makes, rucks he hits or metres he runs. The powerful forward, who debuted for the Blitzboks in 2008, has grown in stature as a player and leader. He’s disciplined, fiercely committed to the team cause and walks the talk as captain. ‘The pillars of a successful rugby team are built on selfless hard work,’ the 28-year-old tells GQ. ‘I’m only where I am today, because everyone around me wants to work as hard as I do.’ Brown is something of a late bloomer in the sense that…

2 min.
the john oliver effect

NET NEUTRALITY What he did: Made the incredibly dull subject of net neutrality – which would see tech companies pay for faster connections – fascinating, and saw the skit go viral. He called on his viewers to comment on the Federal Communications Commission’s offical site: ‘Turn on caps lock and fly my pretties. Fly!’ What good it did: Crashed the FCC site; in total, they received more than 3.7 million comments, and an open meeting began with a mention of the show. The FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler, was even forced to defend himself against Oliver’s comments. By the time you read this, the FCC will have voted… SUGAR What he did: Wrote a skit about American companies cramming sugar into even the most unlikely products. Oliver then demanded companies display their added sugar in…