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letter from the editor

DATA CAPTURE Product flows into the GQ office with some degree of regularity. At a guess, I’d say grooming stuff tops the list, but of late there’s been a number of ‘smart wearables’ pitching up at the office. (At least the GPS in these devices must be pretty good.) Most are after the same information: heart rate, pulse rate and sleep rate. One promises to ‘analyse and coach your form’ and ‘talk to you as you work out’. Another boasts a barometric altimeter. I’d rather have something simple like a key finder. But no, they come with user manuals, help centres, workout goals, motivational reminders and self-harm avoidance tips. Are we not men? Do we not shun user manuals and gadgets that talk on your back swing? How can these know-it-all devices…

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Buntu Ngcuka Senior Content Producer Buntu’s always had a thing for words and style, which comes in handy when you’re filling GQ.co.za with content. He fell in love with fashion while studying and is always on the lookout for the newest sneaker drops and latest trends. Daniel Riley Writer Pages 74-83 A senior editor at GQ US, Riley loves storytelling. ‘I have been fortunate to have written about people prevalent in today’s culture,’ he says. ‘But I’ve never been starstruck’ – not even by super-athlete Ronaldo. Gabrielle Kannemeyer Stylist Pages 99-106 With a background in fine art and photography, Kannemeyer’s boundary-pushing styling and art direction are characterised by an artful layering of colours, textures and seemingly incongruous styles. Martin Schoeller Photographer Pages 84-86 Schoeller is an award-winning photographer renowned for close-up portraits. He treats familiar faces with the same levels of…

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WINNING LETTER GORDHAN’S GORDIAN KNOT Our economy has never been in worse shape. That fateful week in December saw three different custodians of the Treasury, with calamitous effects. Zuma’s state of the nation address and his budget speech gave us no answers. Now Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has to find ways of mending the fiscus and averting the downgrade. – Mangaliso Ngomane We hear you. See our guide to living with the new tax laws on page 72. BEHIND THE SCENES We shot our fashion spread at the abandoned cement factory at Philippi Village in Cape Town. Go to GQ.co.za to watch video interviews with the tenants of Philippi Village for the social outreach programme. Mangaliso Ngomane wins a L’Oreal hamper worth R1 100 WEBSITE: GQ.CO.ZATWITTER: @GQDOTCOZA FACEBOOK: FACEBOOK.COM/GQSOUTHAFRICAMAIL: GQ@CONDENAST.CO.ZA…

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seven sites to improve your life

1. khanacademy.org Created by businessman Salman Khan, this resource offers free education to anyone with access to a computer, from school to university level. It consists of videos, micro-lectures and interactive activities. 2. uk.camelcamelcamel.com Shows you the price history of anything on Amazon, so you can spot good or bad deals. You can also upload your wishlist and the site will alert you when the price drops to a specified amount. 3. twofoods.com Compare the nutritional values of two food items to see which suits your healthy-eating aims. 4. manualslib.com We’re men. We don’t need instructions. Until the microwave breaks, or the WiFi router, or – God forbid the TV. Thank goodness for this easy-to-use, free resource with 1 771 818 PDF manuals for 32 464 brands. 5. fitnessblender.com This free fitness website has exercises and programmes for all…

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this month on gq.co.za

TECH Snapchat solved – the GQ guide to working your way around the app. VIDEO Go behind the scenes of our main fashion shoot with how-to tutorials and interviews. GIRL ON OUR MIND Kim Engelbrecht is one of our acting treasures, both on the small and big screen. We list every role she’s ever had and why she’s so damn good. BOOKS Coffee-table books have gone from being frivolous accessories to vital decor pieces. What does yours say about you? We’ve got a guide to figure it out FITNESS Got a busy day ahead and no time for exercise? Try one of our 5-minute workouts you can do anywhere – even in your office. STYLE In addition to our own account, we’ve got a ton of other stylish feeds to follow on Instagram. FACEBOOK facebook.com/GQSouthAfrica TWITTER twitter.com/GQdotcoza INSTAGRAM instagram.com/gqsouthafrica .…

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one hell of an angel

From local soaps to Hollywood action, Kim Engelbrecht proves she’s tough enough to do it all In another life, Kim Engelbrecht could easily have been the Archangel of Ass-Kicking (we’re sure it’s a thing). Playing Sergeant Noma Walker on Syfy’s Dominion, Engelbrecht brings the pain in white-hot action scenes that will sear your eyeballs. We’re sure she won’t mind our saying that she executes every backflip and roundhouse kick while looking drop-dead gorgeous. As soldier Lucy Galvez in Eye in the Sky, with fellow saffa Gavin Hood, Engelbrecht did more of her own stunts – even in water (those scenes didn’t make the final cut). ‘I’ve fallen in love with the physicality of stunts, but I’m still keeping the discipline of not getting carried away and hurting myself and those I’m doing the…