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the american abroad

FROM THE BEGINNING, this magazine was intended to be global in scope. When we launched GQ Style as its own, stand-alone publication back in 2016, we kicked around some language about how it would be “like GQ with a gold passport.” Once we started making the thing, we were quickly getting our actual passports stamped. Over the past three years, we have traveled to London, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, Zermatt, Addis Ababa, Dakar, Lagos, Antwerp, and beyond. I’m proud to say that what started as aspiration—a statement of intent—has now become de rigueur for this magazine. In fact, it wasn’t until we started putting the finishing touches on this, our 12th issue, that I realized we had unwittingly produced our most far-flung issue to date. Just by following our noses and unabashedly…

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cb2 + gq

With a mix of modern industrial design and natural materials, the pieces in this collection are both luxe and minimal: highly functional everyday furniture that’ll make your space as stylish as you are. Collection available now cb2.com/gq “Having great style means not just being coordinated but dressing in your own personal way. It’s the same idea with your home. When people walk into your space, they should think, ‘This is a really interesting mix.’ That, really, was the inspiration for the CB2 + GQ collection.”—JIM MOORE, CREATIVE DIRECTOR–AT–LARGE FOR GQ…

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Mobolaji Dawodu GQ fashion director Mobolaji logs more miles than any other GQ staffer: For this issue alone he styled Tom Holland in London, Steve Lacy in L.A., and a crew of street-cast models in Marrakech. And that was just the start of his recent travels. What’s the last item of clothing you bought? An indigo kimono from this place called the Nankeen Exhibition Hall, in Shanghai. It’s a small shop that only sells clothing made with nankeen, an ancient Chinese textile. Who is your personal style hero? Miles Davis. Instagram or Twitter? Instagram. What are you reading? My Sister, the Serial Killer, by Oyinkan Braithwaite. Last great restaurant you ate at? Mugam Club Restaurant, in Baku, Azerbaijan. It’s in a 17th-century fortress. Get the ajapsandali eggplant (a traditional local family dish with tomatoes, garlic, and peppers). And the grilled lamb. How many unread…

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corporate lunch

“YOU GOTTA HAVE STYLE,” Diana Vreeland once said. “Without it you’re nobody.” We can’t help but subscribe wholeheartedly to the former Vogue editor’s edict, and not only because she was a legendary author of corporate memos. It’s true that style is a sense of identity: something you try out, read about, think about, mull over, fine-tune, pursue, live, breathe—and, of course, talk about. Talking about style is the raison d’être of Corporate Lunch, GQ Style’s weekly podcast, but the pod is born of the fact that we are always doing all that other stuff, too. Hosted by style editor Noah Johnson, style writer Rachel Tashjian, and associate style editor Samuel Hine, Corporate Lunch is a bold and chill invitation to something between a high-powered trend-forecasting summit and One World Trade Center…

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what to wear now starring magical dresser steve lacy

01 DISCO BLAZER 02 SNAKESKIN DERBIES 03 Handblown Glass 04 The Reverso 05 KLEIN BLUE VASE 06 A Very Spicy Tourbillon 07 Wool Chore Coat 08 THE SEQUIN-KNIT KIT 09 The Golden Overcoat 10 Platinum Tonneau 11 Double-Breasted Velvet 12 Gold Ball Bracelet 13 Down Duffle Coat 14 Handmade Footstool 15 SHEARLING PEACOAT 16 Outré Outerwear 17 Textured Suit 18 The Day-Date 19 CASHMERE OUIJA PILLOW 20 GEOMETRIC SCARF 21 First-Class Comfort Shoes 22 THE NEW PATEK 23 Winter Whites 24 SILK ART ROBE 25 Abstract Turtleneck 26 The Ultra-Flat Skeleton Watch 27 House Shoes 28 Brutalist Candelabra 29 SPOOKY V-NECK 30 THE ANYTHING GOES SUIT 31 Twisted Denim 32 LEOPARD CREEPERS 33 TIE-DYED BEDDING 34 Farout Car Coat 35 Paisley Cardigan 36 FLYBACK CHRONOGRAPH 37 Carryon Trunk 38 PURSE JACKET 39 Floral Trousers 40 Skull Pinkie Ring 41 Dive Watch 42 BRAIDED BELTS 43 Raw-Wool Sweater 44 White-Gold Watch 45 Black-Cherry Boots 46 SHEARLING BOMBER 47 Advanced Overalls 48 LACE PARTY SHIRT 49 The Luxe Tote 50 New Signet Rings 51 Sheer Bucket Hats GROOMING BY SUSSY CAMPOSUSING TOM FORD…

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a calabasas encounter with steve lacy

OUT IN CALABASAS, AMID GOLDEN hills that roll the way California hills used to on the sides of old orange crates, there’s an Erewhon grocery store Steve Lacy likes to eat at. He pulls up one Monday in June in a battered black Kia Forte—“My high school bucket,” he says affectionately, before noting that he’s about to trade it in for something nicer—and beelines for the prepared-foods counter. “The hot bar is what you really come in here for,” he explains. He’s been mostly vegan lately; at Erewhon you can get a pile of Buffalo cauliflower and a few sides for a flat $14. “And I don’t have to wait for it,” Lacy says. “It’s the most healthy fast food you can get.” Lacy is only 21, barely five years into what…