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a very short interview with ed templeton

How did skateboarding become your life as a young man? I was living in Huntington Beach, California, which is known for surfing and skateboarding culture in general. As a kid, I remember seeing a couple of kids skate by my house and ollie up a curb. And I just remember being blown away by that. When I skated I had to stop and pick up my board and put it on the curb, until I saw an ollie and I was like, “Okay, I want to do that.” That was the spark of the obsession. How do you go from putting your board on the curb by hand to going pro? And you started shooting photos on tour, right? Well, within five years I was pro. I started in ’85, and I was…

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what to starring the boys of gossip girl plus wear now

01 FALL’S FLYEST FITS 02 Custom Vintage Vest 03 Tweedy Duffel 04 COLOR - BLOCKED UCKETS 05 QUILTED PUFFER 06 DIP-DYED SET 07 Advanced Layering 08 CHECKS ON CHECKS 09 Origami Trousers 10 COLLECTIBLE QUILT 11 JACQUARD JACKET 12 Millefiori Tumblers 13 SUNFLOWER RING 14 Going-Out Tops 15 Bodega Fit 16 CROCHETED TANK 17 Luxe House Shoes 18 MAJOR MINAUDIÈRE 19 Deconstructed Jumper 20 Artisanal Vase 21 YEEHAW LOAFERS 22 LA PEPINO CHAIR 23 FRESH FORMALWEAR 24 THE RETURN OF PREP 25 BELTED CORD SUIT 26 Party Shirt 27 Tennis Bling 28 Shearling Peacoat 29 DOUBLE-PLEAT WALES 30 Silver Links 31 GREEN SCREEN 32 PRINCELY PATCHWORK SUIT 33 Badass Clogs 34 TORTOISESHELL SHADES 35 A Lamp We Like 36 Velvet Bomber 37 METAL FRAMES 38 DRUG-RUG JEANS 39 CLARK KENT BUSINESS CASUAL 40 Electric Blue Blazer 41 ORANGE SAPPHIRE TOURBILLON 42 Fleece Stoner Shorts 43 CHENILLE POLO 2 – 38, 42 & 43) PROP STYLIST:DUST IN HUBBS AT MARK EDWARD INC. 41) PROP STYLIST: MELODIE DEWITT AT MARK EDWARD INC.…

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gossip boys

A FEW MONTHS BEFORE BECOMING the toast of New York, Thomas Doherty, Evan Mock, and Eli Brown, the male leads of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot, are drinking at buzzy downtown French bistro Lucien. Over spicy margaritas, the boys start comparing their characters with those from the original series. Doherty’s Max Wolfe, an arched-eyebrowed instigator of chaos, is the Chuck Bass figure—and Doherty acts circles around Ed Westwick. Doherty presents a theory to Brown: “You’re—what’s his name, Dan?” Brown replies, “That’s what they’ve been saying! By they, I mean my fans.” The fans got that one right: As the Brooklyn-dwelling Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV, Brown brings a Dan Humphrey–like sense of nominal moral clarity to the show’s twisted social matrix. They turn to Mock. His character, the mellow Akeno “Aki”…

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copenhagen farshad farzankia b. 1980

NO ONE HAS EVER LOOKED COOLER answering a Zoom call than Farshad Farzankia. Rolling a cigarette while perched on a stool in a studio flooded with sunlight, the painter cuts a wry, Dylan-esque figure. Fittingly, Bob Dylan happens to be one of his heroes. A Copenhagen transplant born in Tehran, Farzankia creates canvases that feature abstracted visages floating through existential landscapes while gnashing teeth or skulls hover close by. The work is as indebted to cinema as it is to mythology. Since slipping into the scene only a few years ago, the artist has seen his paintings sell out at art fairs and has conjured knockout solo shows at venues like Andersen’s in Copenhagen—and his first museum exhibition is up now at Denmark’s Arken. GQ STYLE: You worked in graphic design…

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andrea marie breiling brooklyn

“EYES TO THE WIND,” Andrea Marie Breiling’s 2021 exhibition of layered, sweeping canvases at Broadway Gallery in New York, represented a departure in line curvature from the crosshatched paintings she showed a year earlier, which themselves were strikingly dissimilar to the more traditionally Abstract Expressionist pieces she was making before that. Such rapid evolution could be attributed to the American painter’s sharp instinct for recognizing, and transcending, limitations. An expired passport leads to a new studio in New York; a returned box of spray paint becomes an entirely new artistic direction. In turn, her colorful work, on view at upcoming shows at Almine Rech in London and Night Gallery in L.A., offers transcendence to others. GQ STYLE: How has your recent move to New York impacted your work? ANDREA MARIE BREILING: When…

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los angeles b. 1993 alake shilling

THE PSYCHEDELIC, winsome creations of Los Angeles–based sculptor and painter Alake Shilling have landed in the collection of the Hammer Museum, in an upcoming exhibition hosted by Jeffrey Deitch, and in the heart of anyone who discovers her work. Shilling maintains a shifting roster of inspirations that includes both Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo and Nickelodeon’s CatDog. Fittingly, her favorite characters to render—a bear astride a train, a ladybug on a joyride—were recently transformed into limited-edition miniatures made in porcelain, the first of which quickly sold out. And she recently collaborated with Marc Jacobs for a series of pieces featuring her work as part of his new Heaven collection. GQ STYLE: Coming out of the pandemic, are you creating an abundance of art? Do you feel a new rush of…