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cheat codes for a world without dress codes

Have you heard that we are living in a world without rules? Whenever I appear on podcasts or have business conversations with menswear types, the fact that there are no dress codes anymore always comes up. The notion seems to be that society is in a state of sartorial anarchy and men are its hapless victims. Without clear mandates, it’s as though we are lost and unsure of what to buy or how to get dressed in the morning. I disagree. I think that today’s pervasive dresscodelessness means the end of the tired old “work clothes vs. weekend clothes” dichotomy. To me, there’s no confusion in that, only freedom. We can now simply dress like ourselves, no matter what’s on the agenda. We can move through the world seamlessly. Here at GQ…

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what to wear now

MEET DANNY AND TATI Danny Fox is a British painter who’s been on a crazy hot streak since relocating to Los Angeles. His wife, Tati Compton, is a stick-and-poke tattoo artist with an ardent following of her own. We photographed the duo at Danny’s studio in downtown L.A. Check out their full story on page 78. 1.A Trucker Jacket You’ll Wear All Fall Good news: This fall, just like last fall, your style can be advanced without being complicated. Badass simplicity is the name of the game. That’s why we think your first move should be to cop a tricked-out trucker jacket. The ones you see here are timeless garments with a fresh twist—easy and awesome in equal measure. 2.Side- Striped Pants Lately formalwear is becoming less stuffy while athletic wear gets more elevated. Case…

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labels on fire

It’s a unique moment in men’s fashion.A trio of the world’s most recognizable labels just put some of our favorite designers on the payroll, and their bold, confident collections are hitting stores right now. First, a risk-taker on the rise is bringing his swashbuckling vision to Berluti. Next, a man with a totally new blueprint for unstuffy tailoring takes the reins at Ermenegildo Zegna. Finally, a Zeitgeist-capturing Belgian is jolting american menswear at Calvin Klein.…

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HAIDER’S WORK IS ALWAYS ON THE PRECIPICE OF PURE ELEGANCE. HE BRINGS WITH HIM A FRESHNESS AND BREATH OF SENSUALITY. FOR THIS LIVING QUALITY TO BE DANCING IN BERLUTI’S PROFOUNDLY ROOTED AND STABLE EMBRACE IS A THRILLING ADVENTURE. —TILDA SWINTON It began with a shoe. The year was 1895—airplanes and penicillin were yet to be invented—and a young Italian had a radical notion to make a seamless men’s lace-up from a single piece of leather. He named the shoe after himself, calling his signature creation the Alessandro, but the world now knows it better by his last name: Berluti. One hundred and twentytwo years later, Berluti is ready for another leap forward. Well-known by now for its insanely buttery leather goods, the Paris-based brand has grown its sartorial ambition. And so, in…

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ermenegildo zegna

Now that guys (like us) don’t have to wear a suit five days a week, designers are getting more creative than ever to lure you into them. And nowhere is the bait more tempting than at Zegna, where the storied label’s new design mind, Alessandro Sartori, presented a debut collection full of strange, interesting, wondrous, and totally luxed-out fabrics. From patterns you’ve never imagined to lofty stuff people will impulsively want to touch, the new line is full of tailored clothing the likes of which you simply can’t get anywhere else. As artistic director of the world’s largest luxury men’s fashion company, Sartori is in a position to design with practically limitless boundaries. Familyowned since 1910, Zegna began as a wool mill and never stopped focusing on fabrics. Now the company…

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calvin klein

IT’S HIGH FASHION, BUT IT CAN ALSO BE SOMETHING YOU CAN WEAR ANY DAY. I WAS BLOWN AWAY BY RAF’S VERSATILITY. I WAS THINKING, ‘MAN, THIS DUDE CAN DO IT ALL.’ AND TO BE THERE TO WITNESS RAF’S FIRST SHOW AT CALVIN WAS A LEGENDARY MOMENT IN AND OF ITSELF. —‘MOONLIGHT’ ACTOR ASHTON SANDERS Raf Simons is a master of the 360-degree fashionbusiness reboot. He’s done it for Jil Sander, and for Christian Dior, and now he’s doing it again as the new chief creative officer of Calvin Klein. The position is totalitarian—it puts him at the helm of all things CK, from the men’s and women’s runway collections to the famous (and famously profitable) underwear and denim lines. Though Simons continues to produce esoteric menswear for fashion diehards (inspiring rap…