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my balls and my word

IT’S BEEN A HELL OF A WEEK. The GQ Style crew and I have been scrambling to finish this issue, with its bold new logo and radical redesign. I also happen to be moving tomorrow, which is inevitably a mega hassle. And I’ve been back and forth to the hospital for the past three days. You see, two weeks ago, in the bathroom of my hotel room in Paris, I noticed an unusual hardness in my left testicle. When I got back to New York, I found a good urologist. And on Tuesday, just a few hours after an initial examination and an intense ultrasound experience (s/o warm ultrasound gel), I stepped out of a meeting at GQ Style headquarters to take a call from the doc. He told me I…

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about the cover

BEFORE SHOOTING Tyler, the Creator, for the cover of this magazine, Matthieu Venot had never taken a professional photograph of a person. “In the beginning, I refused. This is a very big deal—I don’t do portraits!” he recalls from his home in Brest, France. Matthieu’s preferred subjects are instead slices of banal urban landscapes: an abandoned gas station, a column of identical balconies, a lonely ladder. His eye for Instagram-friendly hues in otherwise drab cities has turned him into something of a sensation in the past year. When Tyler suggested Matthieu for the cover shoot, the only person who needed convincing was Matthieu himself. “I love challenges, and I realized this was an opportunity that only happens once in a lifetime,” he says. “But I didn’t sleep for two weeks.” We…

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what to wear now starring boxing’s newest sensations the charlo twins

01 Marbled Trenches Meet Jermall and Jermell Charlo, the undefeated identical-twin pugilists fighting their way to the top of the boxing world. To read about their latest triumphs, turn to page 90. Throughout this section, they wear the season’s flyest designer fashions, starting with Dries Van Noten’s series of multicolored nylon coats. 02 Fireman’s Jacket 03 MONOGRAM LOAFERS Meet the new Gucci loafer. There’s no horse bit in sight, but the old-school two-tone style and iconic monogram make it perfect for this retro-obsessed fashion moment. 04 Chunky Knit Sweater 05 SEQUINED RIDER JACKET 06 A Statement Suit The art of subtlety is not dead—it’s just taking a break this fall. Which means you should dress up your boldest orange suit with an equally striking shirt. 07 WIDE-WALE CORDUROY SUIT The corduroy suit will be a go-to for styleminded guys everywhere…

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jermall and jermell

“BRUH, LOOK WHAT YOU DID.” Jermall Charlo was pointing to a tiny red speck on the white sleeve of his Gucci polo. Jermell Charlo, his twin brother, glanced up from his plate of ravioli—the sauce was the same color as the speck. “I owe you now?” “I need 500,” Jermall said. He wasn’t kidding, but he wasn’t not kidding, either. This is how the Charlo brothers talk, especially to each other: in a constant torrent of provocations, always probing for weakness. Jermall Charlo is a 28-year-old middleweight (160 pounds) boxing champion from Houston, and Jermell is almost exactly the same, except that he is one minute younger and, when he fights, six pounds lighter—a junior middleweight (154 pounds). Boxing championships can be dubious: A number of different organizations distribute championship belts, not always…

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EMILY BODE’S NEW studio is truly a beautiful mess. Chinatown-plaid totes overflow with fabric swatches, and the quilts that Bode turns into extra-covetable shirts and jackets are stacked on every available surface. It’s impossible to navigate through the space without bumping into something that will, a few months from now, be worn by an up-and-coming artist, or a street-style legend, or maybe even a celebrity hosting SNL. (That’s right: Donald Glover wore a pair of Bode pants during his hosting gig back in May.) Although she just moved in, it’s not hard to imagine that Bode, a 29-year-old Atlanta native, will have to go through this again soon, finding another, larger studio just as she gets the walls painted and the custom wooden shelving installed. Things are moving that quickly. Bode the…

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evan kinori

TURNS OUT, WHEN YOU spend years skating city streets like Evan Kinori has, shredding through gear and sneakers, you learn a lot about how clothes are constructed. “There’s something about skateboarding that causes you to be really neurotic and picky about your kit all the time,” says the 30-year-old San Francisco–based designer, who has blown out his fair share of skate pants. Kinori is a true skate disciple—he even entertained the idea of taking a shot at going pro at one point. It’s not a contrived image that he created for his brand. In fact, clothing design was never really part of the plan. But when Kinori was in San Francisco studying philosophy at a liberal-arts school—the pro-skater idea had fallen by the wayside—he happened to pop into West Coast…