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a new blueprint for thriving

Can I set a quick scene for you? Photographer Pari Dukovic is shooting Robert Downey Jr. for the cover of this, the first issue of GQ Style.We’re in the Downey world headquarters on the Westside of L.A. Pari’s camera is flashing away, but he and Downey haven’t yet found their groove, partly because the music isn’t quite right. So I start playing reggae from my iPhone through a portable speaker to keep the energy up. After a while, Downey’s constant companion Jimmy commandeers my iPhone and fires up the soundtrack to The Harder They Come. As the tune “Pressure Drop” starts to fade out, Downey looks over and asks, “Hey, is that Toots?” Yep. “If you play ‘Funky Kingston,’ I’ll get this thing going.” Jimmy plays the song. And that’s when Robert…

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what to wear now

NO.1 The Complete Luggage Wardrobe • You know a man is thorough about matters of taste and style when his luggage is on point. Here, we present the ultimate four-piece setup. You’ll be prepared for any trip, from a two-night staycation to a threemonth sabbatical—and you’ll cut a pretty clean figure at the airport, too. SEVEN OTHER PIECES WE ENDORSE If you crave more variety in your luggage, we’ve got you. Check out how the bags here mirror the aesthetic of the fashion houses that made them: Hermès began as a French saddlemaker, so its bags are made from aristocratic heritage leather. The Berluti is handburnished, just like the brand’s elegant dress shoes. Gucci incorporates two signatures from the house’s archive— the monogram logo and the redgreen ribbon— for a throwback ’70s effect.…

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would you like a steak sandwich with those $1,200 wingtips?

Arguably the baller-est restaurant opening in New York City last year was essentially a brand extension of a publicly traded fashion line. The Polo Bar. It’s not even in the right neighborhood to be a hot restaurant. You expect to see Kanye West at the Spotted Pig, crashing Charlie Rose’s party on Valentine’s Day with Kim Kardashian (note: that actually happened), not in Midtown, a few blocks away from the American Girl doll store. But there he was, seated not far from the table Barbra Streisand recently occupied. The dining room at the Polo Bar is located in what is essentially the basement of the Polo flagship store, but somehow the brilliant aestheticians of the Ralph Lauren empire have transformed it into something that feels like it’s been there for…

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the lebron james of making money

Like Clint Eastwood and Christopher Nolan, Maverick Carter has his office on the Warner Bros. studio lot. Once you get past security, you drive by pinup western storefronts to a section of cookie-cutter houses with vinyl siding. (Gilmore Girls was filmed here.) Even the grass looks like it’s from Milwaukee. Outside one of the houses are reserved parking spots that read: “M. Carter” and “L. James.” That and the shiny silver Maybach parked out front are the only tells that inside this unassuming house, the future of sports marketing and entertainment is being crafted. This is where Maverick Carter gets to work. Carter is LeBron’s friend from Akron—he was a senior at St. Vincent–St. Mary High when ’Bron was a freshman. He’s also the Cavs star’s business manager. But most important,…

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summer suits with attitude

Christian Slater AGE: 46 OCCUPATION: Mr. Robot on Mr. Robot THE SUIT: Slim three-piece camo-lined suit from a not-sodystopian future CONFESSION: “Over the years, if I look back at photos, I think there was a pretty frightening lack of style. I was just grabbing whatever I saw in the closet and putting it on. Now I know that I’m good in single-breasted suits, a really thin lapel, a shorter jacket. Less material is key: I didn’t really get that when I was younger. Now I’m just trying to streamline things as much as possible.” Mark McNairy OCCUPATION: Iconoclastic menswear designer THE SUIT: Summer tweed PREFERRED SHOE: 1970s Chuck Taylors (one white, one black) ON TAILORING: “I went to my daughter’s graduation in New Orleans, and I found out that I should be wearing a suit. So I go to…

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the foundation: 10 classic lps from reggae’s golden era

1 Jimmy Cliff The Harder They Come YEAR: 1972 Simply put, reggae as a global phenomenon begins with The Harder They Come. Before most people outside Jamaica could tell you who Bob Marley was, Cliffput the world on notice that something explosive was happening in downtown Kingston, with his role as Ivanhoe Martin in Perry Henzell’s 1972 film. The equally iconic soundtrack was built around songs Cliffwrote for the film, but is rounded out by a who’s who of reggae’s first wave, including Desmond Dekker and Toots & the Maytals. 100 MINUTES OF WILD JAMDOWN STYLE Author Marlon James on the film ‘Rockers’ Back in 1975, Ted Bafaloukos flew to Jamaica to make a reggae documentary. By 1978, he had a feature called Rockers. Don’t bother watching for the plot (poor dude buys bike, rich Mafia-ish…