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what to wear now

Starring SAN FRANCISCO SKATE CREW GX1000 10 NEW FASHION IDEAS + 3 LABELS ON FIRE 1. Designer Shorts This season, our favorite designers did something radical to their pants: They made them into shorts. Striped trousers? Hemmed. Wide-wale corduroys? Chopped. Beat-up jeans? Scissored. The pairs you’ll see on these pages mostly hit above the knee, but you can go long and loose, too. WE’RE ROLLING WITH GX1000 For this edition of What to Wear Now, we spent a few days out in San Francisco with the members of the fearless skate crew GX1000, who’ve earned a rep for bombing their hometown’s insanely steep hills. (Bonus: Their merch is cool, too.) Read more about their high-speed style on page 68. 2. Baseball Caps Skaters, sports fans, and dads have been donning ball caps for years, but thanks to…

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meet gx1000, the fastest, most fearless crew in skateboarding

• The San Francisco skate crew GX1000 is a loosely organized gang of misfits bound together mostly by a shared appetite for positive vibes, insane speeds, and copious amounts of Northern California’s famous high-potency marijuana. Some of the crew, whose online video releases have made them a sensation, are pro skaters. Others are amateurs. All of them are unflinchingly confident and freakishly physically gifted. At the center of it all is Ryan Garshell, the 30-year-old skate filmer who got the nickname GX1000 by combining his last initial with the model of camera he uses: the Sony VX1000. Garshell moved to San Francisco in 2008 and has become a skateworld hero for his short video edits that mostly feature insane, jaw-dropping hill bombs. Now he is one of Thrasher magazine’s in-house shooters, has…

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3 labels on fire

»Prada, Alyx & Dries Van Noten Capture the Spirit of Spring ’18 You know it’s a good moment in fashion when AN AMERICAN UPSTART, A REVERED ITALIAN POWERHOUSE, and A LOW-KEY BELGIAN LEGEND can all share the spotlight. This season isn’t characterized by any single style, color, or cut. It’s all about the range, from the sleek, tactical luxury of ALYX to PRADA’S futuristic jumpsuits and DRIES VAN NOTEN’S smorgasbord of uncanny color. Here, we’re celebrating menswear in all of its current idiosyncratic, lawless glory.…

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»Futuristic Fashion (Laser Beams & Space Suits Included) The only thing all of Miuccia Prada’s collections have in common is that they have nothing in common. From one season to the next, the idiosyncratic Italian designer’s M.O. is to take everything she proposed six months ago about how men should dress and throw it out the window. Every new season is an about-face toward whichever direction is right for right now, clear of any links to what’s come before. A risky approach, to be sure, but one that makes Prada one of the most fetishized and exciting houses in all of fashion. So what does the oracle of Milan foretell for spring 2018? Well, Mrs. Prada swerved far away from the rapturously received and highly shagadelic 1970s-inspired corduroy collection from last fall…

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»The New Fashion Cult You Might Want to Join In a scene dominated by established fashion houses and nimble streetwear lines, Alyx is charting a different path. Founded in 2015 by Matthew Williams, the brand is a luxury label with a start-up attitude and strong ties to the streets. Among certain influential fashion insiders, the Alyx name carries as much clout as a box logo or an embroidered snake. In Williams’s hands, however, the signatures are a little more hard-core: lighter caps tacked onto jackets and sneakers, and the infamous roller-coaster safety-buckle belt. (Check out the raincoat at right to see what we mean.) The first full Alyx men’s collection dropped only just this season, but previews have already hit the streets on Kanye West, Travis Scott, Tom Sachs, and legions of…

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dries van noten

»A Standout Season from the Man Who Doesn’t Miss Dries Van Noten lists more than 40 different colors in the description of his spring 2018 men’s collection, including such delicious hues as plum, truffle, pistachio, and zabaglione, a creamy Italian dessert. “I wanted to push the whole idea of color for men,” he says in a thick Flemish accent that makes even the word “color” sound like a strange and beautiful foreign concept. “You can go quite far with colors, as long as you keep the shapes recognizable.” So that chromatic cornucopia he dreamed up—inspired, in fact, by automobile paint and interior shades from the 1950s—became a color-blocked run of otherwise straightforward menswear. The boxy suit jackets, pleated trousers, loose sweatshirts, and belted trench coats in the collection require no fashion expertise…