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Harper's Magazine November 2020

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Bitter Pill Naomi Jackson’s essay [“A Litany for Survival,” Memoir, September] humanizes the disconcerting but clear evidence of health disparities based on race. These statistics, established in the medical literature for decades, have only recently reached the public’s attention. But statistics are merely data. Until we can associate them with human faces, they will continue to be largely intangible. If the medical profession is to regain the trust of patients of color, it should learn from the tenets of restorative justice and engage with those who have been harmed. This might mean directly involving community members to create institutional-care algorithms, educate the next generation of physicians, or serve on hospital quality review committees. In the meantime, complementing epidemiological data with patient Harper’s Magazine welcomes reader response. Please address mail to Letters, Harper’s Magazine,…

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easy chair

Morality is often reduced to choices, and imperfect choices at that. This is the human condition; to accept it and do the best we can is a brave thing, and often the only way to avoid tragedy. Many on the left say they cannot bring themselves to vote for a candidate or a party they blame for making the rise of Donald Trump possible in the first place. I understand this argument, and I acknowledge the shortcomings of the Democratic candidate: his years spent carrying water for Wall Street and credit card companies, his past willingness to contemplate cuts to Social Security and Medicare in the interest of balancing the budget, his opposition to busing as a means of integrating schools. I am aware that Joe Biden hails from a Democratic…

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[Essay] AD NAUSEAM By Tim Hwang, from Subprime Attention Crisis, published last month by FSGO x Logic. Though we’ve mostly forgotten this now, the idea that the internet would give rise to some of the largest and most profitable businesses in the world was not at all obvious in its early days. As late as 1996, Viacom’s CEO, Ed Horowitz, remarked dismissively that “the internet has yet to fulfill its promise of commercial success. Why? Because there is no business model.” In the two decades since, the answer to the question of how to make boatloads of money on the internet has been, resoundingly, advertising. At its core, advertising is a marketplace for attention. When your eyes skim over an advertisement as you scroll through your news feed or read an article, your…

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mother knows best

Defendant Devin Nunes’ Mom is a person who maintained an account on Twitter. In her endless barrage of tweets, Devin Nunes’ Mom attacked every aspect of Nunes’s character, honesty, integrity, ethics, and fitness. Devin Nunes’ Mom stated that Nunes had turned out worse than Jacob Wohl; stated that Nunes would probably join the Proud Boys “if it weren’t for that unfortunate ‘no masturbating’ rule”; called Nunes a “presidential fluffer and swamp rat”; stated that Nunes brought “shame” to his family; called Nunes a “treasonous shitbag”; accused Nunes of being part of the president’s “taint” team; accused Nunes of being a “lying piece of shit”; stated that Nunes was an “unscrupulous, craven, backstabbing charlatan and traitor”; and stated that Nunes has “herp-face.” In order to protect his reputation, Nunes requests that…

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By Blanca Varela, from Rough Song, a collection of poetry, which was published last month by The Song Cave. Varela (1926–2009) was a Peruvian poet and the first woman to win the Federico García Lorca International Poetry Prize. Translated from the Spanish by Carlos Lara. the dear animalwhose bones are a remembrancea signal in the airnever having shadow nor placefrom the head of a pinI thought he was a slight glintthe grain of the earth upon the grainof the earththe self-eclipse the dear animalwhose passing is endlessit leaves me spinning…

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penal estate

203 EAST MORRISON STREET $350,000 Extremely unique opportunity!! Extensive renovation in 2005 (supposedly $1.5 million) captures modern high-end finishes with traditional architecture and character. This home is 2,465 sq. ft. with three levels of living area, two bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, high-end finishes throughout. Appears to have been totally rewired, replumbed, and new HVAC system installed. AND THE BEST PART: connected to the home is a 2,500 sq. ft. legitimate jail with nine cells, a booking room, and a half bath. The cell-door lock throws appear to be operational. The possibilities are amazing with this property.…