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Harper's Magazine April 2021

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A Modest Proposal In Andrew Cockburn’s recent essay [“Hard Times,” Letter from Washington, February], I was quoted as calling for a New Deal 2.0. I would like to elaborate here on what I meant, and the mechanism by which we might pay for it. Our pandemic-hobbled economy has been propped up by minimal payments to struggling Americans and maximal funds for Wall Street, amounting to a massive wealth redistribution that will only fuel the politics of alienation and resentment. A recent report from the Congressional Budget Office indicates a broader economic recovery may take four years. Fiscal policy is trapped by monetary policy, which has hit a wall. There is a path around this, and it involves Congress reasserting its constitutional responsibility to coin money. Congress should establish a new monetary authority under…

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new books from duke university press

The Life and Times of Louis Lomax The Art of Deliberate Disunity THOMAS AIELLO “This incisively well-written account reminds those who may have forgotten that Louis Lomax was one of the most intriguing figures of the electrifying 1960s. Lomax's analysis of Black nationalism, be it in the United States or Africa, remains informative. Thomas Aiello's illuminating interrogation of Lomax is a must-read.” —GERALD HORNE Point of Reckoning The Fight for Racial Justice at Duke University THEODORE D. SEGAL “As we currently bear witness to Black suffering and inequity, righteous indignation and Black protests near and far, Point of Reckoning is an urgent text that offers hope as it dares to illuminate the past in order that we might not be condemned to repeat it.”— GEORGE YANCY Right Here, Right Now Life Stories from America's Death Row LYNDEN HARRIS, editor “Revelatory…. These…

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easy chair

From a certain angle, Donald Trump’s presidency may not have moved the United States in entirely the wrong direction. One of the few areas to benefit from his stewardship, the Pulitzer Prize–winning novelist Viet Thanh Nguyen suggested in a New York Times op-ed last December, was American literature. Prior to 2016, he argued, Barack Obama’s “warmth” had lulled the literary world into a deep quiescence that amounted to imperial complicity. “It took Mr. Trump,” he wrote, “to awaken it to politics.” As epoch-defining generalizations go, this is about as accurate as the solemn proclamations about the end of irony after September 11. The George W. Bush years, after all, gave us a crop of novels attempting, however awkwardly, to wring meaning from the catastrophe in lower Manhattan, to say nothing of…

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harper’s index

Percentage of American adults who are in therapy : 47 Who went to therapy for the first time last year : 17 Who believe that the pandemic has meaningfully damaged their mental health : 62 Number of days a man stayed at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport because he was afraid of flying during the pandemic : 89 Chance that an American spent the past holiday season alone : 1 in 9 Percentage of American men aged 18 to 24 who cite pornography as the most useful source of information on how to have sex : 39 Who cite their sexual partners : 17 Percentage of American women aged 18 to 24 who cite pornography : 14 Who cite their sexual partners : 32 Minimum number of content creators on OnlyFans, a site for sharing explicit videos and photos with paying…

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[Essay] TOO BIG, TOO FRAIL By Jacqueline Rose, from On Violence and On Violence Against Women, which will be published next month by Farrar, Straus and Giroux. The times we live in oblige any feminist to reckon with the increasing, or certainly increasingly visible, violence against women that we are witnessing. In 2019, domestic killings of adults in the United Kingdom reached a fiveyear high, and three quarters of the victims were women. In February 2020, it was reported that the number of women killed by a current or former partner had surged by a third, to a fourteen-year high. Disturbingly, these incidences of abuse against women do not seem to decline with a rise in equality. The rate of violence against women in Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, each praised for their gender…

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male practice

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: I need to always carry my gun with me now, don’t I? Is it legal to carry in Tennessee in your car without paying the damn state? winston sitton: I have a carry permit. The problem is that if you pull your gun, you must use it. I am afraid that, with your volatile relationship with your baby’s daddy, you will kill your ex—your son’s father. Better to get a taser or a canister of tear gas. Effective but not deadly. If you get a shotgun, fill the first couple rounds with rock salt, the second couple with bird shot, then load for bear. If you want to kill him, then lure him into your house and claim he broke in with the intent to do you bodily harm…