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She dazzled us with her athleticism and determination in Strictly… so we couldn’t wait to meet this month’s cover star, Ashley Roberts, and discover what it took to do those dances. ‘Strictly… was the toughest thing I’ve ever done – physically, mentally and emotionally,’ she told us. ‘I pushed myself in ways I’ve never done before!’ Turn to ‘Strictly Ashley’ (page 50) to discover the workouts, diet and must-have kit that keeps the super-fit performer in top condition. Also inspiring us this month are the female trainers you’ll meet in ‘Star PT secrets’ (page 56). Responsible for keeping three of the UK’s fittest household names (Davina McCall, Lucy Mecklenburgh and Lorraine Kelly) in shape, the women – all in their 40s and at peak fitness – are stars in their own…

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about you

STAR LETTER DREAM AWAY I claim to rarely dream, so I was fascinated by your article ‘Live your dream life’ (February issue). I have a friend who has the most fantastically detailed dreams, always meeting very important people, from politicians to the Queen, and he seems to be a happier person for it. He even writes stories about them. I intend to give the tips suggested in the article a try (such as repeating affirmations as I go to sleep, keeping a dream journal, spotting recurring motifs and checking I’m dreaming while aware, before using my dreams to help me figure things out). Who knows how it might enrich my life and help me to reach my goals, and overcome my obstacles. Gerda Cauchi Vanoverbeke, Malta PLANT POWER I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20…

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write in and win!

This month, Gerda wins CJ Skinhealth products worth £50. The company collaborated with the elite female cycling team, Bianchi Dama, to create two handy products to improve and protect the skin health of active people. Active Cleanse (£18 for 50ml) is a cleanser that contains natural antioxidants and can be used without water. It also tones, clarifies, exfoliates and softens your skin. Enhance & Protect (£32 for 50ml) is a moisturiser with SPF30 that doesn’t run into your eyes when you sweat, or cause spots. It contains hyaluronic acid and retinol to hydrate and even skin tone; cjskinhealth.com.…

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fit buzz

1 WIN BALANCE FESTIVAL TICKETS! Balance, London’s biggest wellness festival is back – and running from May 10-12 at the Old Truman Brewery, London. Tickets start from £20 at balance-festival.com, but for your chance to win one of the five pairs of tickets we have to give away, simply email us at competitions@iris-uk.com by Friday, March 29, with the word ‘Balance’ in the subject line.* 2 BOOK IN FOR A BOOTCAMP Want to get fit, de-stress, slim down or re-energise this year? Check out Champneys’ bootcamps and retreats to help kick-start you. During the two-, four- or six-night fitness bootcamps (without the shouting!), you’ll do plenty of indoor and outdoor activities, eat healthy, plant-focused meals and have full use of the spa facilities. Want something gentler? How about booking onto a two-night Chillout…

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‘my life in a day’ cathy brown

‘I’m not a morning person but I make myself get up as soon as my alarm goes off and then eat breakfast, otherwise I’m extra grouchy. I have porridge or granola in the week and save eggs, avocado and salmon for the weekend, when I have more time. Once I’m in my gym kit, I take a bus into work at London’s Third Space, Soho (thirdspace.london), and, on the way, write a social-media post or catch up on my emails. I spend the morning training clients, using strength and conditioning exercises including boxing and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). It’s a unique approach I developed after I was forced to retire from boxing earlier than I wanted due to a neck injury. I’d started boxing in 1998, after six years as…

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exercise now, benefit later

It’s official, exercising today will help you stay youthful into old age. In a study at Ball State University in the US, scientists compared the physical health of a group of over 70s who’d been exercising for decades, with a group of over 70s who’d been sedentary; and with healthy 20-somethings. On average, the active over-70s exercised five days a week, for about seven hours in total. Results showed that the hearts, lungs and muscles of the active over-70s were in equivalent shape to those of people in their 40s. The researchers say that 30-45 minutes of exercise a day is the key, whether it’s walking or pumping weights.…