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Are you ramping up your workouts ahead of your summer holidays? If so, you’ll find all the fitspiration you need in this month’s H&F to help get you in shape. There’s nothing like being superfit to enjoy all the holiday fun, not to mention look your best on the beach. Turn to ‘Get fighting fit’ (page 84) for a super-speedy, results-guaranteed workout from Aussie PT, Tiffiny Hall. ‘You’ll sculpt lean muscle mass while burning fat in just two 20-minute workouts a week,’ promises the celeb trainer. Sounds good to us! Only got five minutes? Turn to ‘World-class workout’ (page 36), where Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill shares her speedy, flat belly moves. Meanwhile in ‘Come home fitter!’ (page 52), Lucy Mecklenburgh reveals the quick HIIT circuit that keeps her in shape when she’s travelling. It’s…

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about you

WORKOUT INSPIRATION Thank you for the inspiring interview with Lucy Mecklenburgh and her PT Cecilia Harris, ‘I’ll get you beach body happy!’ (July issue). It’s so motivating to see two women of different ages looking equally glowing with health and fitness. Lucy and Cecilia’s philosophy for being beach-body confident is refreshing. It’s so true that feeling your best on holiday isn’t about your size or age but about the confidence that comes from feeling fit, healthy and happy in your own skin. Exercise is a great start so I’ll be making sure that I try their workout this weekend! Thanks for the motivation! Mandy Green, by email WELLBEING FESTIVALS The summer events guide, ‘Here comes summer!’ (July issue) was perfect timing. I’ve love going to festivals but I don’t always want to spend the whole time…

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write in and win!

This month Mandy wins this stylish two-piece from Marble Swimwear, worth £85. The luxury swimwear label aims to ensure every element of their production is environmentally conscious – from the fabrics used to the method of distribution, every decision is made with the planet in mind. Marble Swimwear comprises a stylish range of printed bikini tops and bottoms. Many are reversible, and they can be mixed and matched to give you the most wear out of your swimwear. Handmade in Bali, each piece is made with love and promises a long life garment, that will see you through many summers. Visit marbleswimwear.com.…

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fit buzz

1 RUN FOR FUN If you love running and enjoy the odd glass of vino, you may like the Bacchus Marathon & Half Marathon, with a new 10K option this year. Grab your fancy dress and friends, and head to Denbies Wine Estate, Dorking, Surrey, on Sunday September 8. You’ll enjoy live music and sample six English wines as you go round the leafy route, then tuck into a hearty meal at the end. The 10K costs £30, or full/half marathon £50; run-bacchus.com. 2 REBOOT ON A RETREAT Been hurtling around and neglecting yourself ? Book one of Our Retreat’s luxurious, transformational breaks that offer yoga, Pilates, meditation, wellness workshops and oceanside fitness in peaceful Sardinia and Ibiza. You’ll stay in a villa with a private pool and won’t have to endure limited…

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‘my life in a day’ laura winter

As an early bird, I’m always up by 7am. After a good cup of coffee, I exercise, often doing a 40-minute Zwift workout on my turbo trainer at home. It’s harder when I’m on location, but I always feel better for training. I’m away with work for a third of the year, presenting and commentating on sports including swimming, rowing, rugby, tennis and my biggest love, cycling. Home is in Cheltenham where I can get on my bike and be in the hills in 10 minutes. My mum lives nearby, helping to look after my beloved rescue dog Buddy when I’m away. Travel is the best and worst part of my job. This morning I worked out on Muscle Beach as I’m covering the Tour of California for NBC Sports,…

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muscle up

Do you know the difference between muscle strength and muscle power? Swinging a kettlebell once takes strength, but raising it several times in quick succession requires muscle power. It’s worth knowing the difference because muscle power is key to a longer life, shows a new study from CLINIMEX Exercise and Medicine Clinic, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The researchers monitored 3,878 non-athletes, aged 41 to 85, and assessed their maximal muscle power by recording the highest value achieved in upright row exercises using increasingly heavy weights. The scientists then calculated the participants’ power exertion per kilogram of body weight. Over the six year study, taking gender into account, participants with the highest muscle power were 10-13 times less likely to die prematurely than those with the lowest muscle power. Off…