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Autumn may be here but don’t hide inside the gym! Escaping outside and embracing the elements is one of the best workouts around – and a boost for body and soul. All you need is some kit, the spirit of adventure and you’re ready to go. Not sure where to start? Find all the ideas you need in this month’s 23-page Outdoor Special (page 36). From hiking and climbing to triathlon and adventure racing, outdoor sports are being enjoyed by more women than ever. Turn to ‘Meet the outfluencers’ (page 38), and get inspired by the fearless females lighting up social media with tales of mountain hiking, wild camping and fjord swimming. We love seeing their breathtaking images on our Instagram feed, we’re sure you will too! One of our guilty pleasures…

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about you

POST-BABY PLANS I loved the Vogue Williams interview in issue 240. I’m thinking of trying for a baby but have been worried I won’t be able to exercise as much as I do now. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Vogue’s PT told her to train less now she has a baby and that she feels better for it. I guess it’s going to be about managing my time as well as I can and listening to my body. I’ll definitely get a baby buggy that’s designed for running, like Vogue has done – babies always seem pretty happy (or asleep!) when you see parents out running with them, and you can get some exercise in while getting from A to B, or just go to the park for a…

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write in and win!

This month, Amber wins a HoMedics Zen Meditation Pillow, worth £129 (see page 28). Part of the new Zen range designed to help you find your peace at home, this rechargeable pillow delivers a soothing 30-minute rolling neck massage with two accompanying meditation tracks. The super-quiet pillow delivers ultimate relaxation, helping you drift off to sleep easily. HoMedics is recognised for its home massage products, and is a leading innovator in massage technology. It also specialises in air filters, spa treatments and sleep aids; homedics.co.uk.…

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fit buzz

1 BOOTCAMP IN BALI Planning a new year detox? The Body Camp is popping up in Bali for January 2020. Swap back-to-work blues for a transformational week of workouts, good nutrition and deep relaxation. Staying on a stunning estate, you’ll follow the famous Body Camp workout programme, fuelled by delicious, plant-based meals and Balinese sunshine. Prices from £1,450, plus flights. Visit thebodycamp.com. 2 GET FIT TO SURVIVE The threat of climate-change looms closer but, fear not, Gymbox has a new class to prepare you for life post irreversible climate change. Set in 2050, you’ll test yourself against high wind speeds, extreme heat and flooding, guided by Gymbox’s expert master trainers. Have you got what it takes? Visit gymbox.com to find out. 3 PERFORM LIKE A PRO Pushing your body can take its toll, as Andy…

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claire turpin

‘Early workouts set me up for the day, so I get up at 6am to go to the gym before family breakfast time, where I’ll have overnight oats and black coffee. After walking my two daughters to school, I head to my home office to do social media posts and respond to emails, texts and DMs from customers. I’ll then go to meet my website builders and manufactures, or network at fitness festivals and pop-up events, but my main priority is dealing with orders. My spare rooms are filled with stock, boxes, tissue paper and stickers, and I love writing handwritten notes for every delivery. I created my range to help women feel amazing in gym kit – hence my tag line, “You’ve got it, we flaunt it!” – so…

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move for your mood

You know how good you feel after a workout. Now new research has discovered another reason why. In a study reported in the journal, Medicine and Science in Sports & Exercise, women aged 20 to 60 suffering from depression were prescribed two 30-minute sessions of indoor cycling a week. One group cycled at moderate intensity, the other group at any intensity they wished, from light to varied. After a gap of a week, the groups switched. While the women reported feeling better after either workout, blood results showed that those doing moderate intensity work saw a rise in levels of endocannabinoids, chemicals which influence our immune and nervous systems. ‘The results show the effect of prescribed moderate intensity exercise on mood is pretty quick and lasts for a while,’ conclude…