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Welcome to Women’s Fitness magazine. Whether you want to get fit for the first time or be your fittest ever in 2020, we’ll help you reach your goals! If you’re a regular reader of Health & Fitness magazine, inside this first edition of WF, you’ll find all your favourite content in a fantastic, improved magazine. And, if you’re a new reader, welcome to your very own personal trainer! As the original fitness magazine for women, Health & Fitness felt it was time for an exciting new name to establish its position as the number-one choice for fitness advice. And we’ve taken the opportunity to pack your mag with even more expert workout inspiration and nutrition know-how. In this first edition, burn off festive indulgence with the 10-min moves in ‘Toned and focused’…

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about you

FOUR-LEGGED FITNESS I was so happy to read the article ‘Me and my workout buddy’ (H&F issue 243). I think we all know it’s easier to work out when you have a fitness pal to cheer you on. But I was really happy to see these women highlight that fitness buddies can come in all shapes and forms, whether it’s a best friend, PT or even a pet! For years, my dog Scooby has been my constant workout motivator, taking me on walks (!), coming with me jogging, cycling and on many wild camping adventures. He’s also helped me stay sane through periods of stress. Scooby’s now 15 and I’m sure our active lifestyle has been the secret to his long life! Abi Brown, Devon TRAIN LIKE A PRO Thank you for the fab…

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star letter

RECOVERY TIP I’m so glad I read ‘Help I’ve missed a workout’ (H&F issue 243). I used to be really hard on myself if I missed mine. I felt guilty because I knew I could have made the gym that day but didn’t push myself to get there. It took this brilliant article to make me realise it’s okay to skip a session and why. Nothing impacts consistency like being fatigued, mentally stressed, injured, exhausted, bored or burnt out. All these things can happen if you train all the time and skip rest days. So next time I have a bad sleep, I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t make it to the gym. Thank you for making me see sense. It felt wrong before to trust that…

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fit buzz

STEP IT UP There’s nothing like wearing a new pair of trainers to put a spring in your step. WF loves these Brooks Levitate 3 Road Running Shoes (£140; brooksrunning.com) that feature improved energy-returning soles to give back more of the effort you put in, and take your runs to even bouncier heights! WEAR THIS... BE BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL Performance meets stunning style in Gymshark’s new Ultra Seamless collection. With an array of sports bras, crop tops and high-waisted leggings and shorts in dazzling jewel colours (£30-£45; uk.gymshark.com), the range will add vibrancy and energy to your workouts, while the stretchy, seam-free designs will support your every movement. SHAKE AND GO We’re loving how portable and tasty FOGA Plantshakes are! Created using freeze-dried fruit and veg, the instant whole-plant smoothies are packed with essential vitamins, minerals…

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had enough of being overweight?

It can be extremely frustrating no matter what you do, you just can’t get to the weight you want to be. If you have reached the stage where enough is enough and you want to get your weight under control once and for all, read on! Improving your health and wellbeing None of us need to be reminded how being overweight can affect so many different areas of one’s life, to name just a few: appearance, self-esteem, health, well-being and fitness. It is one thing knowing this, but what do you do when you feel you have tried everything? With an average weight loss of 7-14lb a month for clients and hundreds of hand written testimonials and reviews, Rachel’s results speak for themselves. Help is at hand to resolve your weight problem! Rachel and…

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winter running

WF LOVES These trainers have plush cushioning and added reflectivity to keep you visible in low light.…