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Do you work out for your body or your brain? For the joy of getting active or the physical rewards? For most of us, it’s a bit of both. Often, our initial motivation to exercise comes from the desire to shape up. Then, as our fitness journey progresses, we discover the wealth of other benefits working out can bring – from better energy to less stress. It’s these wellbeing rewards that keep us returning, along with improved fitness, strength and body shape. If your fitness motivation has started to slide, you could be focusing too much on body goals. Research shows that people who exercise for enjoyment work out far more – because it feels less like hard work. In ‘Exercise for your brain rather than your bum’ (page 22), writer…

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about you

MAKING STRIDES I was motivated by your brilliant article ‘Run Your First 5K!’ (WF issue 2). I run regularly, but only short distances (less than 3km). Friends and colleagues are doing marathons and I’d love to give them a go but really didn’t know where to start. Your five-step plan has come in very useful. I’m starting to run greater distances and improve my endurance. I want to gain speed as well, and help my body get stronger and faster, so I’m following your steps to run longer and get more out of my running workouts. Who knows, I may be up to entering marathons in the near future. Thank you for the push in the right direction! Jennie David, Chipping Barnet, Herts GREAT SUPPORT Thank you for the really useful article, ‘Sports Bras…

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athletic inspo

I like hearing about professional athletes because they’re such good role models, so I read ‘How I build my body’ about footballer Steph Houghton (WF Issue 3) with interest. I play for a local football team and love the game. Steph’s advice on cardio, strength, diet and support makes a lot of sense. Athletes like her are living the lives a lot of youngsters aspire to, and it’s great she’s dedicated to the sport. There are more than 30 million children involved in organised sports per year who athletes can potentially influence. Nowadays, sadly too many people spend too much time on their phones, and not enough on outdoor activities. Kirsten Brown, Inverness Leonie wins a boxset of Saskia’s Flower Essences, worth £64. The essences address emotional, mental health and behavioural issues, such…

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meet our cover star

When she’s not in front of the camera modelling for sport, swimwear and fitness campaigns, Anna is a yoga teacher, holistic health coach and reiki practitioner. Originally from Finland, Anna lives in London where she teaches vinyasa, slow flow, yin and post-natal yoga one-to-one, to groups and at corporate workplaces. Her sessions are inspired by power, flow and meditation. ‘I aim to ensure students feel inspired, energised and motivated on their journey to a happier, healthier and self-loving life,’ she says. Check out Anna’s classes and retreats at annahenrika.com. Keep up with her on instragram @annahenrika. Q HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN A FITNESS MODEL? ‘I did my first sport modelling job when I was seven. I signed with an international agency six years ago, when I was 18.’ Q TELL US ABOUT…

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fit buzz

SWIM FOR VICTORY Women of all backgrounds, body types and abilities deserve the right to participate comfortably in water sports. Which is why WF loves Nike’s new innovative Victory Swim Collection (nike.com) – a range of modest performance swimwear including the Swim Tunic, £64.95, Swim Leggings, £54.95, and a Swim Hijab, £31.95 (pictured). The anti-drag, lightweight, breathable fabric allows freedom of movement, eliminates excessive cling, dries super-fast and delivers UPF+ 40 sun protection for complete confidence. Dive in! TRY THIS… STEP IT UP! The man who brought us exercise crazes such as Insanity, Hip Hop Abs and Rockin’ Body has returned with an exciting new programme, guaranteed to take your fitness to a whole new level. Shaun T is taking us back to the ’90’s with his old-school step aerobics-inspired HIIT workout, Transform 20…

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spring fresh

WF LOVES With a comfy jersey waistband and handy pockets, these shorts are built to go the distance.…