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Social distancing driving you to distraction? Fear not! This issue of WF is packed with the inspiration and expert advice you need to stay sane and super-fit at home. In ‘Space-saving fit kit’ (page 36), some of the UK’s top fitness gurus reveal the best ways to workout in a small space. Who needs the gym! Build strength and abs of steel with the yoga moves in ‘Core of the Matter’ (page 78). And turn your daily dose of fresh air into a mood-boosting, energy giving workout with our 16-page running special. Turn to ‘Step it up’ (page 44) for pro tips to help you get more from each session; discover the joys of mindful running in ‘Mind on the Run’ (page 50) and find the best go-faster kit for you…

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about you

MINDFUL DAY What good timing your ‘Stress less in 24 hours’ plan has proved to be! (Issue 4). Having to adjust to our new way of life has left me feeling trapped and anxious without my regular daily routine. But following your mindful exercise plan has helped give a healthy new structure to working from home. I’m starting my day with Sun Salutations to help wake me up. And, while I can’t walk to work, I’m taking an outdoor walk or run before I sit down at my desk; it really helps me focus. I’m remembering to take a ‘lunch hour’, moving my body and doing some breathing exercises. Then I’m finishing the day with some soothing yoga before bedtime. Thanks for keeping me sane! Sarah New, South London POST-BABY FITNESS I’m a new…

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star letter

WORKOUT REWARDS Thanks so much for your article ‘Find your fitness mojo’ (Issue 4). I’d been struggling with my gym motivation lately. My main reason for exercising was to lose weight and it was beginning to feel like a chore. Reading this piece has made me realise I need to find some inspiring new goals and I’m planning to investigate how I can combine workouts with charity work by contacting The Good Gym. Having to stick to one session of outdoor fitness at the moment has also made me realise how much I value the exercising outdoors for mental wellbeing so I’ll definitely be looking at ways to make this a bigger part of my weekly schedule. Bring on summer! Tania Cooper, Guildford This month, Tania wins the ultimate stress-relieving prize from Pure…

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fit buzz

REACH NEW HEIGHTS Whether you’re climbing mountains or working out at home, the last thing you need is for your leggings to let you down. Which is why WF loves these High Waist 7/8th Enduro Legging, £49, from sustainable clothing brand BAM (bambooclothing.co.uk). These anti-chafe superhero leggings are made from temperature-controlling, sweat-wicking bamboo to keep you feeling fresh all day long, while the high-quality jersey is supportive, figure-sculpting and totally opaque, even in the deepest of squats. Plus, they also have UPF50+ to protect you from 98 per cent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Epic!* TRY THIS… LET’S GET PERSONAL The study of nutrigenetics – the science of how people metabolise and process different nutrients based on their genetic make-up – suggests your DNA can effect how your nutrients are absorbed and activated…

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black & white

WF LOVES These silky, stretchy leggings fit like a second skin, and are high waisted for ultimate comfort.…

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‘how i build my body’

CARDIO ‘If I haven’t broken something, I usually train every day of the week, but I don’t count how many hours I average. I’m always travelling, so the length of my running sessions depends on where I am and how much time I have. I adapt my running to my environment. If it’s a lovely day, I’ll head up high into the hills. ‘I don’t have a training plan and I certainly don’t follow any programme that tells me I have to do a “30-minute flat tempo run on Wednesdays”, for example. I run based on how I feel. If I have lots of energy, I’ll crack out a “session”. If I set off to do something fast but my mind and body objects, I just accept that and go for a…