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One of the many things we’ve learnt during lockdown is just how much we love the great outdoors. Yes, we’ve discovered fun, new home workouts during our confinement (who knew just how many ways there are to get fit without the gym?). But nothing beats the benefits of escaping outside and harnessing the power of Mother Nature to challenge body and mind. So, in this month’s issue, we’ve created a 16-page special to help you get active outdoors this summer. The ‘Outdoor Fitness & Adventure Summer Buyer’s Guide’ (page 45) is packed with tips and kit ideas for cycling, hiking, camping and paddleboarding. It’s time to make the most of ‘the new normal’! Boost the body benefits of your everyday walks by reading ‘Turn your walk into a workout’ (page 30).…

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about you

EASE IT OUT I’m so grateful for your article ‘Keep Fit with Karen’ (issue 6). I’ve always worried about stretching properly after exercise, so was glad to discover what moves I should be doing. Everyone should have good flexibility, but due to our sedentary lifestyles, our natural flexibility is compromised. A regular stretching routine should be an integral part of fitness. Thank you Karen and WF! Jo Ainsley, Wirral HANDS-ON ADVICE As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, health officials have emphasised that washing one’s hands regularly and properly is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection. I know this is important, but it has also been taking its toll on my hands, making them very dry. So I was pleased to read your ‘Beauty Notes’ feature (issue 6) and…

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mind on the run

Your article on mindful running (issue 6) was so useful, and served as a great reminder that sometimes it’s best to leave all the gadgets behind. It’s easy to become so absorbed in the detail and the data that we don’t fully immerse ourselves in the process and in nature. However, at the opposite end of the scale, often it’s too easy to immerse ourselves too deeply in our own thoughts while running; we forget to leave our problems behind! The article served as a great reminder to aim for a balance somewhere between these two states and ‘just become one with where you are right now’, especially during these worrying times. Many thanks WF, I’m off to lace up my trainers! Tracey Austin, via email This month, Tracey wins a pair of…

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fit buzz

Eat. Sleep. Run. Repeat. With 34 million of us discussing running on social media in the first month of lockdown, it seems the activity has become something of a quarantine hero. But wearing the right footwear is essential if you want to avoid any running-related injuries. For a lightweight, responsive ride, WF loves New Balance’s Fresh Foam Tempo Trainers, £110 (newbalance.co.uk), which have super-springy midsole cushioning and strategic support to help propel you through any virtual challenge or race in comfort and style. TRY THIS… STAND TO ATTENTION With so many of us utilising online workouts to stay fit as gyms remain closed, one of the biggest challenges we face is figuring out how to keep our smartphones and tablets upright. But not anymore! New smartwear brand SLYK has created a range of five…

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luxe lounging

WF LOVES With its relaxed fit and soft Merino wool blend, this cardi will get you from workouts to the weekend in style.…

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fit body

Get on the team We all know that exercise is good for the mind as well as the body, but which activities are best for boosting your brain? Some types of exercise are more effective than others, according to a new review of 80 studies, published in the journal Nature Human Behaviour. It turns out that endurance training and strength training, or a mix of the two, are effective at improving cognitive performance. However, best results of all come from coordinated sports that require ‘complex movement patterns’ and interaction with other players. ‘To coordinate during a sport seems to be even more important than total volume of sporting activity,’ says co-author Dr Sebastian Ludyga from the University of Basel, in Switzerland. Why not try a team sport once lockdown is over?…