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Celebrity & Gossip


Issue 1077

All the juciest celebrity news! The most jaw-dropping celeb pics! The FUNNIEST commentary on the crazy celeb world! The stars' styles that you'll want to copy… and those that you won't! Plus the most comprehensive entertainment and reviews section out there, with the best TV listings in the business.

United Kingdom
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1 min.
piers morgan...

We’d like to say we were surprised to see Piers Morgan top our Secret Crush 2020 list, but the sheer number of you who voted for him shows that he’s a firm favourite in your deepest desires. The Good Morning Britain presenter was so delighted with his award that he took it to Hollywood to show it off on the GMB Oscarsspecial. Piers told us he’s not sure he’ll bother campaigning for next year as he’s convinced he’ll get 100 per cent of the vote. “Just give me the trophy”, he told us. The heart wants what it wants… Celeb EMPLOYEE OF THE WEEK Every issue, we award a star this prestigious honour for services to celebrity that go above and beyond the call of duty……

4 min.
lisa’s late-night texts to anne-marie

She’s kept her silence as much as she could during her two-year divorce battle with ex-husband Ant McPartlin, but it looks as if Lisa Armstrong has finally snapped. In the wake of their divorce settlement finally being agreed, it’s been claimed that the Strictly make-up artist sent Ant’s girlfriend Anne-Marie Corbett text messages last month, telling her she was “hated”. “With all the stress of the past couple of years, Lisa is probably exhausted,” a source said. “She snapped and fired off a string of middle-of-the-night texts, one of which told Anne- Marie that everyone hated her. Obviously, Anne-Marie was extremely shaken and upset. She had hoped that, after all this time, everyone could have moved on.” Lisa has made her feelings about Anne-Marie – who worked as the couple’s PA –…

2 min.
the star exchange

The Friends reunion isn’t happening. You need to deal with it SAFE BET MAN BANDS It feels like they’ve only just split – but it’s actually been seven years since JLS disbanded. Happily, the foursome announced last week they were getting back together for a tour. Time to Beat Again, lads! BUY! BUY! BUY! JONAS BABIES She’s had a bit of time on her hands sincewrapping Game Of Thrones, and it seems like Sophie Turner has put it to good use. The actress and her husband Joe Jonas are reportedly expecting their first baby. Congrats, Sansa. POOR PERFORMANCE OUR HOPES We’ve been disappointed too many times – so forgive us for being slightly wary regarding reports that the Friends cast are reuniting for a one-off special, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. We’ll believe it when we see it. STOCK FALLING COOL MUMS No…

3 min.
harry & meghan under fire ‘didn’t take them long to start cashing in’

Having made the monumental decision to leave the royal family, we had thought that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would lie low for a while. But last week, the pair made their first public appearance together since “Megxit”. And it wasn’t just any old ribbon-cutting – the couple accepted an invitation to speak at a summit hosted by leading financial services firm JP Morgan Chase in Miami, Florida. It is thought that the couple may have earned around £400k for the appearance, which took place at South Beach’s glitzy 1 Hotel. Meghan is said to have spoken about her “love for her husband”, before introducing Harry to the stage, where he spoke about mental health and using therapy to deal with the grief of losing his mother. It may be an…

1 min.
harry’s hair transplant

If he’s spending time with J-Lo and other Hollywood greats, it seems Harry feels a change is required. We’re told, “Harry feels a need to step things up in terms of personal appearance, now he’s making a new life for himself. He’s determined to look the part alongside Meghan as they rub shoulders with impossibly beautiful people.” Harry is said to have recently visited a prestigious hair-loss clinic in London, undergoing a hair thickening treatment. And as well as starting to fork out on pricey skincare and weekly facials, we’re told, “He was so pleased with the results, he’s even researching and considering a hair transplant – all with Meghan’s approval and encouragement, of course.” “The Duke insists he’s not trying to make himself something he’s not,” our source explains. “Everything he’s…

1 min.
‘everyone knew phil was gay’ #12

Most of us were pretty shocked when Phillip Schofield came out as gay in an emotional message on Instagram. However, not everyone was as stunned by the revelation, as just days later, actress Joan Collins said on Good Morning Britain, “Why does he have to [announce it publicly]? It seemed like he was living a fine life. Everybody who knew him knew that he is gay.” She went on to reiterate, saying, “A lot of people already knew. I mean, we all knew.” Many viewers were both bemused and horrified by her comments, but some praised her, including one fan who wrote, “Investigative journalist Joan Collins asking the real questions on GMB”.Others,though, felt that she had crossed a line. “Gentle reminder to Joan Collins and the rest of the population: someone’s…