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oprah winfrey...

We joke that celebs are “just like us”, but we all know that’s not true. They have chefs, personal trainers, stylists and glam squads – and that’s before they’ve even left their mansions. But now that the stars are self-isolating, they’re having to do their own menial tasks. Take Oprah Winfrey –entrepreneur extraordinaire and actual multi-billionaire – who, last week, took it upon herself to change her own bedsheets. Was she successful? Not really. But did she try? Yes. And sometimes that’s good enough. Thanks for being a woman of the people, Oprah.…

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cheryl: i’ll do anything to protect my son

They’ve been doing their best to navigate the stress of co-parenting during this difficult time, and have been turning to each other for emotional support. But according to insiders, Cheryl’s relationship with baby daddy Liam Payne has become increasingly strained as they are starting to clash over their three-year-old son Bear. The former One Direction star hasn’t seen his little boy in nearly two months, due to the country being in lockdown and Bear living full-time with Cheryl, and we’re told it’s really starting to take its toll on him. “Liam has not seen Bear since mid-March and it’s eating at him. He’s desperate to spend some time with him, but Cheryl is adamant that she doesn’t want to risk their health,” says heat’s insider. “She knows it’s important for Liam…

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‘girls aloud is my last chance’

It was announced last week that Cheryl’s talent show The Greatest Dancer has been axed following two series of less-than-amazing viewing figures. Now, a source tells heat that the 36 year old is terrified it spells the end of her career. We’re told, “She’s been really upset and frustrated that, no matter how hard she works, it’s not enough. This news hit her on a lot of levels and it’s another failure, after her solo singles didn’t have the impact she would have liked. She’s still got loads of loyal fans, but she hates the idea that she’s no longer seen as that relevant.” And with her gigs in the summer also cancelled due to the current coronavirus crisis, we’re told she’s determined to make the Girls Aloud reunion in 2022…

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the star exchange

SAFE BET MAKING IT OFFICIAL They haven’t exactly kept their relationship a secret, but Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas have now gone Instagram-official, cuddling up onAna’s account to celebrate her 32nd birthday. So, now it really counts. BUY! BUY! BUY! SURPRISE TALENTS She earns her keep judging others, but Amanda Holden’s now stepped into the spotlight with the release of her single Over The Rainbow. All proceeds go to NHS Charities Together. GOOD PERFORMANCE LUSH LOCKS A lot of fellas have resorted to shaving off their hair during lockdown, but Phillip Schofield isn’t one of them – he’s opted for the wild and unruly look instead. Hair-raising stuff. STOCK FALLING SPLITTING THE CHORES Every floor’s a stage for Nicole Scherzinger – even dirty ones that need a good mopping. The Pussycat Doll has clearly found a novel approach to avoiding…

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is this the end for brand beckham?

‘The couple are on Instagram showing off their charity work’ After nearly two weeks of headlines and a huge public backlash, Victoria Beckham did a dramatic U-turn last week, reversing her controversial decision to furlough 30 of her staff. The fashion designer – who, along with husband David, is worth a reported £335million – caused outrage when her company decided to use the government scheme to cover 80 per cent of the employees’ wages during the current pandemic. Now, though, Victoria has backtracked. “We will not now be drawing on the government furlough scheme,” she said. “At the beginning of the lockdown, the shareholders agreed with senior management to furlough a small proportion of staff. At that point, we didn’t know how long the lockdown might last or its likely impact…

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gigi & zayn’s band-aid baby

We never thought we’d see the day that the majority of One Direction became dads, but with the news that Zayn Malik is expecting his first baby with Gigi Hadid, this is where we find ourselves. ‘She knows fatherhood will change Zayn’ Gigi, 25, is five months pregnant after rekindling her romance with Zayn, 27, last December. Gigi confirmed the news last week, saying, “We’re very excited, happy and grateful for everyone’s well wishes and support.” Now, an insider close to the model tells us that Gigi is hopeful the baby will help solidify her and Zayn’s relationship. “Gigi has been fairly upfront with friends that this is their band-aid baby,” says heat’s source. “She’s been really worried about Zayn for months and feels having a child will not only push him…