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Hemmings Muscle Machines July 2021

Each issue is packed with photos & coverage of American Muscle Cars from the 60's through today.

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mean and green

An iconic muscle car, this 1969 Plymouth Road Runner is the quintessential Mopar, with its vibrant color and giant 426ci Hemi engine. This particular example has 33,000 miles on it and recently underwent an extensive restoration to bring it back to life. Even though the Road Runner had once been used as a drag car, it was still very complete after 40 years of dry storage, and many of its original parts were reconditioned. When it came time to get the restored Mopar rolling, authenticity was the top priority, so the owner chose our Firestone Wide Oval bias ply tires, but we also manufacture this popular tire in modern radial construction. The redlines and body-color steel wheels are a perfect combination for this incredible Mopar muscle car. Wade Kawasaki is the President…

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the evolution of restoration?

“…engineers were still using what often seemed to be ‘band-aid’ fixes to pass muster with the feds.” I told a friend I’d help him swap the distributor in his old pickup last week, a task I figured would take relatively little time. That, of course, was my first mistake. But what I hadn’t counted on was the déjà vu sense of aggravation I’d soon experience once we delved into the seemingly simple job. The truck in question is a 1985 GMC half-ton pickup with two-wheel drive and a 305. It is stone stock and in quite nice, original condition. On face value, an ’85 pickup with a carbureted small-block should be a joy to work on in comparison to much more complex modern vehicles. That was not the case. Not long after climbing…

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hot rod high school

Last year, we brought you the story of a high school auto shop class that was rebuilding classic muscle cars as part of the educational curriculum (“Teachable Moments, à la Mustang,” HMM #201, May 2020). Instructor Ryan Beckley had conceived of the program when he started at East Syracuse Minoa Central High School in Upstate New York back in 2000. It began as a means of simply having something to work on with the class when Beckley started the job midyear. He brought in his personal ’67 Camaro project and worked on it with the students to allow them some hands-on experience to bridge the gap to the following year when they would be involved in more conventional work on late-model vehicles. Instead, when the Camaro wrapped up at the end…

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2021 dodge durango srt hellcat

It doesn’t seem like nearly three years has passed since we spent some time with Jeep’s Trackhawk, the Hellcat-powered Grand Cherokee (HMM #181, September›2018). Our overall assessment back then was that the Trackhawk might have been the perfect do-everything vehicle for the family man or woman with a penchant for speed. Drive to work in comfort, tow your boat on the weekend, forge through snow in the winter, and give yourself and your passengers mind-bending thrill rides in between. Now Dodge has brought that drivetrain back for an encore of sorts, this time in the even-larger Durango. The Durango has spent more than 10›years on the same platform, which it mostly shares with the shorter-wheelbase Grand Cherokee, and both have been generally well thought of since their debut. That these vehicles…

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letter of the month: sweet swaps

“I agree with Len Gilbert’s letter in issue #213, regarding the 1963 Impala featured in issue #212 [that it is just right]. In fact, my car, a 1986 GMC Caballero, has a similar drivetrain. This is not a frame-off project like many, but just an economy “retro-ride.” My build has gone on for a few years now. A 1994 Camaro gave up its LT1 350 engine with a T-56 six-speed manual attached. My gear ratio setup was similar to the ’63 Impala (though the overdrive ratios were a bit different). When I finally got everything running pretty well, the responsiveness wasn’t quite right. It was time for a rear end update! I got a kit from Summit Racing, and my across-the-street neighbor, a GM technician, put it in for me. This was…

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MORE 348 MEMORIES I read Ed Hein’s letter about the 348. My immediate reaction was a big smile and a flood of pleasant memories. My first car in high school was a ’59 El Camino with the tri-power 348 and factory four-speed. In Southern California, there were tons of opportunities to enjoy the performance of my car, such as El Mirage dry lake, Lions Dragstrip, and the occasional midnight run on the Long Beach freeway. I thought my parents were pretty lame letting me buy such a sleeper, but they knew repairing the car when things went south would increase my automotive knowledge. I learned about clutches, motor mounts, and cylinder heads. The 348 had heads that could double as boat anchors, but when it was all together and running perfect,…