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High Times March 2021

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SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES While recreational cannabis sales began in some Michigan cities in 2019, officials in Detroit created specific legislation that supports ownership of cannabis businesses by actual city residents. The Detroit City Council approved an ordinance on November 24, 2020, that will allow recreational marijuana retailers and other adult-use cannabis businesses to operate within city limits. The ordinance includes provisions to ensure that at least half of recreational cannabis businesses are owned by city residents. The bill was introduced in October 2020 by Councilmember James Tate. Detroit’s “legacy applicants,” who have lived in the city for at least 15 of the past 30 years, will receive priority in submitting applications, be charged only one percent of license fees and be eligible to purchase some city-owned properties for their businesses for…

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@Spaceshipsflyin Replying to @HIGH_TIMES_Mag Love getting my #weed delivered! @pharmakontario @iamToddyTickles @HIGH_TIMES_Mag and @redlightholland [Cannabis] helped with my own traumatic brain injury. It’s a scary place to be. Personality changes can be really hard for the individual and their family alike. Concussions tend to be treated like an orthopaedic injury or masked with medications. There’s few public treatment options. @cannabismymedi1 @esoterickush @HIGH_TIMES_Mag We see these strange yet interesting mutants in extensive research on Cannabis/Hemp Domestication Syndrome. Genetic anomalies occur as the plant is more “domesticated”—after all it is a weed that grew in the wild for millions of years. @TheRealSamsonS @HIGH_TIMES_Mag “CBD” “CBD” “CBD” Everyone has forgotten about good ol’ THC, that catalyzes with CBD for greater effectiveness. CBD is soo last year! CBG is where it’s at now. The highest level. @AndreLeonard20 @AcreageCannabis and @HIGH_TIMES_Mag Anyway we can…

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tech, please!

Over the centuries, the meaning of the word “technology” has evolved as dramatically as the advancements that the word represents. Originally stemming from the ancient Greek words techn? (which means “art” or “craft”) and logos (which means “word” or “speech”), technology once referred to fine and applied arts, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Nowadays, technology represents the ways in which humankind changes and manipulates our environment—but even that definition doesn’t encompass the groundbreaking ways we approach the yearly High Times Tech Issue. Let’s talk about weed tech, baby. The history of the word “tech” is much less interesting than the latest technological developments in marijuana growing. For those of us who are dedicated to the soilless craft of cultivation, we’ve brought you our annual Hydro Report, penned by Erik Biksa. For those…

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LIKE A GIRL I just want to say, as a woman, I am SO FRIGGIN PROUD to see so many women making things happen in this male-dominated industry. It seems the industry is slowly becoming more diverse in general, and I am here for it, although I wish true equity was achieved yesterday. But to think that 100 years ago women were still fighting for their right to vote! We’ve come so far. Not to say that the fight is over by any means, but it’s still pretty cool to think about. —Joan, California RESPONSE: Your letter couldn’t have come at a more perfect time, since this month is National Women’s History Month. If we’re talking about the cannabis industry specifically, it has definitely grown a ton in the past decade alone. Female-owned…

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bravery and honor

Welcome to the March 2021 issue of High Times and the “Twenty22Many Veterans Chronicles.” This is where I cyber-travel across America to speak with legendary and hardworking military veterans and cannabis activists about the current state of affairs in their home states. This month, I’m very proud and honored to speak with T.J. Thompson. I met Thompson five years ago at an Americans for Safe Access conference in Washington, DC. At the time, Thompson was still fighting for cannabis legalization in Virginia and I was celebrating Washington State being one of the first states to go fully legal and also add PTSD to its list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis use. Right off the bat, I realized we (the movement) had a huge asset in Thompson. Thompson served his country…

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global gambit

The cannabis plant’s many medical properties are finally being recognized on a global scale after decades of willful ignorance. In the past, dozens of countries recognized cannabis as medicine—until the United Nations (UN) intervened in 1961, broadening the scope of prohibited substances to include cannabis. On December 2, 2020, a UN commission finally voted to remove cannabis from a restrictive category of the world’s most dangerous drugs, alongside heroin and other substances with no regarded medical value. The historic move in the UN’s 63rd reconvened session was supported by the US government and many other governments across the globe. The UN’s Vienna-based Commission for Narcotic Drugs (CND) considered a series of recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) to reclassify cannabis and its derivatives. One of those recommendations was to remove cannabis…