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High Times July 2021

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BLASTING BIG PHARMA Producer and director Brendan Fitzgerald’s recently released documentary, The Oxy Kingpins, chronicles the cartel-like nature of the pharmaceutical industry. According to the documentary, the pharmaceutical industry’s pyramid-scheme-like structure—which kept the opioid epidemic alive and well over the past several years—comprises three levels: At the top of the pyramid, there are big pharmaceutical companies such as Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin; at the middle level, there are local pharmacies that order suspiciously large amounts of opioids for the underpopulated areas they cater to; at the bottom of the pyramid, dealers purchase large amounts of opioids from pharmacies in rural America and ship them off to desperate customers in big cities. The Oxy Kingpins condenses decades of evidence into a sprawling panorama that will bring even its most uninformed…

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What does entertainment look like in the modern era of being a stoner? It’s no secret that Hollywood isn’t pumping those same stereotypical stoner flicks like they used to a decade or two ago, as the perception of cannabis evolves. So, what is there to do the next few months? Take a journey with us on a summer chock-full of fun, cannabis-friendly entertainment including everything from TV shows to music and social media content. Let’s get the good times flowing—without letting the huge disappointment of last summer bring you down. This is a new year, and that means that the fun is popping off. At High Times, we’re making sure you’re not plagued with boredom over the next few months. We have drummed up engaging profiles on five different, follow-worthy entertainers, from…

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UP IN SMOKE I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that there are actually politicians out there trying to put caps on THC. Sure, maybe weed is stronger than it used to be, but we also have pot shops that tell you what the strong stuff is before you buy it. Seriously, what was the point of legalization if states are just going to decide the weed can’t have any THC in it? I’ve been smoking since the ‘60s, and even then, if you wanted the strong stuff, you could find it. —The OG Stoner California RESPONSE: That’s definitely a good point, and one that we make in a lot of our coverage of this topic. Most industry experts believe that imposing THC caps amounts to taking a step backwards into…

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veterans walk and talk

Welcome back to the July issue of High Times. As always, I’m honored to bring back the “Twenty22Many Veteran Chronicles,” in which I highlight all the hardest-working veterans and cannabis activists across America. There is no demographic in the United States that benefits more from access to medical cannabis than the veterans’ community. This July, I’m absolutely thrilled to bring you all the powerful story behind Veterans Walk and Talk (VWAT), a veterans’ organization I have been watching and admiring very closely for many years now. This is a wonderful story about veterans coming together as one unit and hiking with Mother Nature on the beautiful trails of the Golden State. The organization also advocates for cannabis and psychedelic therapy for veterans. VWAT was established in California, the state with the largest…

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popular pastime

New Frontier Data Senior Managing Editor Ah, the Fourth of July, America’s birthday! Independence Day annually means fireworks, along with hot dogs, baseball and apple pie. Oh, and booze: According to Alcohol.org, the Fourth of July is also the nation’s fourth-booziest holiday, after only Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve (the day that women most associate with drinking) and St. Patrick’s Day (that which most men associate with drinking). But after New Year’s Eve, the Fourth is reportedly the second-biggest day of the year among both sexes for binge drinking (33 percent among men, 24 percent among women). Cannabis may be helping to change that, however, as its popularity gains on both beer and spirits. A recent Gallup poll found that 70 percent of Americans now consider the use of cannabis as morally acceptable,…