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High Times August 2021

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GO WEST VIRGINIA! Several years after West Virginia legalized medical cannabis, eligible patients can finally register and become a part of the state’s medical cannabis program. Business permits were awarded as far back as October 2020, but it has taken this long for state officials to get things up and running for patients. A testing lab in the state was recently approved, which was a key missing element necessary for the program to move forward. People living with cancer, HIV/AIDS, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and chronic pain are eligible to register. In order to get medical cannabis, patients must get a recommendation from an approved doctor. In total, the state’s Office of Medical Cannabis has granted licenses to 100 dispensaries as well as 10 growers and 10 processors to produce…

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Tweet your best high observations and comments our way (@HIGH_TIMES_Mag) for a chance to be featured on this page! And be sure to follow us on Facebook: (Facebook/HighTimesMag) and Instagram: (@hightimesmagazine) for all the latest news as it’s happening! @BobWhyer So the world seems to be going to #pot eh?? TIME TO SMOKE A FEW BOWLS!!! #gasshortage #middleEast #Inflation #Cannabis @Leafly @HIGH_TIMES_ Mag #WeedLovers @CannabisNews #CannabisCommunity @AStonedGayKid Replying to @RedInRegina and @HIGH_TIMES_Mag I found it kinda funny today listening to the radio, roses by chain smokers was on, and they muted the word weed all through the song…in Canada…. @dylannicholas97 @HIGH_TIMES_Mag If George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were alive today, they would be doing 10 to 15 years in the federal penitentiary for being major drug dealers. @The_Champ_I_am @Paul___66 @HIGH_TIMES_Mag and 2 others The…

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perfectly potent

Hash, budder, oil, shatter, BHO, crumble, isolate… what does it all mean? Even the most seasoned cannabis consumers get confused with the high-tech, complex and extensive scope of concentrated marijuana products and vernacular. It can feel like you have to be an expert concentrate producer yourself to decipher the differences—but not anymore! In honor of all things concentrates, we’re diving headfirst into the fascinating world of the most potent forms of weed. In this issue, we unraveled the levels of quality between different types of concentrates and consulted with experts to better understand the intricacies of this constantly evolving craft. You can’t talk about marijuana concentrates without delving into the fascinating breakthroughs and emerging technology in the world of terpenes. Beyond just breaking down the most common terpenes that are being used…

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THIRSTY THRIFTING I’m a vintage-clothes collector and seller, and I love nothing more than taking my time looking through the aisles and picking out the perfect pieces. And I usually do it stoned. But lately, I keep getting anxious and freaking out. The other shoppers and the crowds are really getting to me, and being stoned seems to make it worse. Any advice about what to try that might have the opposite effect? A friend suggested it was because I like to smoke sativas, but I always heard that wasn’t an accurate way to classify. The Savvy Shopper Oregon RESPONSE: While it’s true that the dichotomy of indica/sativa is often overemphasized, there is some basic truth to the fact that sativas have more of an “upper” effect that could lead to anxiety. The energizing…

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ample appeal

As cannabis gains ever more mainstream acceptance and public accommodation, one of the most popular product segments for consumers has been concentrates or extracts. While concentrates can be highly potent, and their consumption techniques somewhat complicated, public awareness about the health risks of smoking (whether tobacco or cannabis) has only added to concentrates’ cachet, with a wide variety of methods and equipment to consider. Meanwhile, expansive innovations among value-added products (especially infused products, including edibles and beverages) will keep drawing consumers to non-combustion-based options. Last year, New Frontier Data noted significant growth in the legal-market segment for edibles and topicals. Together in 2020, the two categories grew by 37 percent compared with sales in 2019. Prior to that, sales in those two categories had been growing steadily at 28 percent annually.…

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vehicle for change

Yes! We’re back again with the “Twenty22Many Veteran Chronicles,” and I am proud to bring you another veterans-advocacy couple, this time from the Centennial state of Colorado. Please welcome Theresa Dvorak and Steve Kelnhofer, the couple behind the veterans’ cannabis-and-vape-awareness organization Elev8 Veterans. The name of this organization could not be more accurate, because Elev8 Veterans is doing just as the name implies—elevating veterans to wellness, not only in the state of Colorado, but all over this country. Twenty22Many first started working with Elev8 Veterans nearly two years ago, when, out of the blue, Elev8 Veterans donated to our organization a state-of-the-art vape-and-dab vehicle called the Super Surfer Vehicle—a nearly-$500 vape system for our Twenty22Many HQ—all because they believed in our mission and motto and wanted our veterans to be able…