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High Times September 2021

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pushing boundaries in art

“Art attracts us only by what it reveals of our most secret self.”– Jean-Luc Godard Like many aspects of life and culture, art is subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so not everyone is going to enjoy the same types of art, nor appreciate the same aesthetic—whether they’re viewing a painting on the wall or checking out the design on a clothing brand. Like weed, we get to choose what we enjoy and let everyone else do the same. Well, this month, we’re pretty sure you’re going to find something stuffed in these pages that tickles your creative mind, brings light to new artistic forms of expression or maybe even makes you smile. And if it at least doesn’t make you smile, maybe it’ll make you think—giving you insight…

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HEY EVERYBODY—FREEZE! You cover lots of articles about what causes problems in outdoor cultivation like pests, water, nutrients, etc. but I don’t ever see anyone talk about the importance of understanding a frost date. Spread the word! -Gus, Illinois RESPONSE: Knowing your first and last frost dates is extremely important if you’re growing a precious cannabis plant outdoors. Not only are frost dates different in certain regions of the country, but the actual dates are never set in stone. Depending on the year’s climate (and especially since climate change has caused some crazy fluctuations in weather over the past few years), a budding grower should pay close attention to their frost date windows, depending on what time of year they’re planning on planting in the ground. Check out sources such as the Farmers’…

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AMAZON NOW CHILL WITH WEED Representing significant policy changes, retail giant Amazon announced on June 1 that it will support efforts to legalize marijuana at the federal level—and that it would no longer test applicants for most US-based jobs for cannabis use. Amazon CEO Dave Clark wrote that company policies were being amended to further the company’s “vision to become Earth’s Best Employer and Earth’s Safest Place to Work,”—a goal announced by Amazon founder himself, Jeff Bezos, several months ago. Clark noted that Amazon rejected otherwise qualified job applicants in the past, based solely on positive drug screens for marijuana use. Under the new policy, such screenings will end for most employment positions located in the US. Clark even said that Amazon’s public policy team will be actively supporting The Marijuana…

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talking about terps with terps!

In a space as crowded as ours, standing out and offering a fresh perspective can at times seem impossible. For every beautiful flower, there are 1,000 people trying to pick at, name and sell it, and as soon as it hits the market. The rest of the players will immediately bite, replicate or bastardize—without their own inspiration or skill. It’s a vicious cycle. In an industry built around a plant that’s supposed to promote creativity, there seems to be an awful lot of cheap copycats falling on their face begging for attention. So what’s the solution? Move with the masses, cater to the lowest common denominator? Of course not. The only acceptable answer here is to constantly innovate, push yourself and to reinvent who the world thinks you are, every…

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sparking hope

This month’s installment of the Twenty22Many Veterans Chronicles is a unique story that involves healing by way of infused CBD candles. I strongly believe that if any veteran has saved themself from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in any particular way, we want to know about it. Because each veteran life saved is valuable. At the rate of 22 daily veteran suicides over the past two decades—we now have lost over 160,000 veterans to suicide. Without further ado, please let me introduce you to US Navy veteran Joseph “Joe” Ketterer. Ketterer is a hardworking activist involved with Arizona NORML. He regularly participates in rallies, walks, marches, gatherings, protests, speeches and demonstrations. Ketterer continues to diligently, ardently and persistently be present to lead by example and get other veterans involved in educating themselves…