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History Of Royals No. 13

From the Romanovs to the Windsors, History of Royals takes you behind the palace doors to discover the secrets, scandals, betrayals and bloodshed of some of the world’s most iconic royal families. Every issue of History of Royals is packed with incredible storytelling, fantastic photography, bespoke graphics, and world-beating research from the best historians in their field. What you’ll find every issue: • Famous Scandals: The love affairs, betrayals and conspiracies that brought down nations • Royal Residences: Explore the luxurious palaces that saw war, romance, murder and intrigue • Rulers at War: Discover the epic battles that made heroes of monarchs • Royal House: A dynasty in detail, from legendary founders to tragic fall

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welcome to issue 13

In March 1917, Nicholas II faced one of the hardest decisions of his life. Russia’s last Tsar had run his nation into the ground, and while he revelled in his life of luxury, opulence and extravagance, his people slipped further and further into poverty. As riots and rebellions broke out across the nation, the Tsar sought solace in the advice of his beloved wife, Alexandra. In her words he found confidence and direction – yet together they would bear the responsibility for the downfall of the Russian monarchy. What had started as a love story to rival that of Victoria and Albert ended in tragedy. On page 14, discover how Nicholas and Alexandra’s unwavering devotion ripped Russia apart. With the last of the Romanovs fleeing for their lives, the new Bolshevik…

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Jill Armitage This issue, History of Royals speaks to Jill Armitage about her new biography on England’s would-be queen, Lady Arbella Stuart. • Go to p94 to read this issue’s interview Nell Darby Dr Nell Darby is a historian and freelance writer, specialising in social history. This issue she reveals a nation’s obsession… • Turn to p70 for more on the People’s Princess Greg King Freelance writer and author of several critically acclaimed books, Greg pulls back the curtain on the last days of Russia’s royal couple. • Discover Russia’s ill-fated lovers over on p14 Derek Wilson Bestselling historian and frequent contributor to History Of Royals, Derek explores the shame of the Royal African Company. • Go to p38 for more on slavery under the Stuarts Catherine Curzon Historian Catherine is on hand to tell the tale of Jeanne de Clisson, the 14th-century…

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opening the mystery of fabergé’s winter egg

How did the idea for the film develop and what makes this such a fascinating story? The idea came from my co-producer Ludovic Lindsay who had seen a badly made TV documentary about Fabergé and suggested that we should do something altogether more ambitious. Ludo and I teamed up with Alice Ilich, a world-renowned Fabergé expert who became another co-producer, and we got the film underway. Our film follows the journey of the Fabergé name, from Imperial Russia until the present day. And that journey encompasses romance, war, revolution, greed, envy, lust and astonishing creativity – a powerful set of ingredients for any filmmaker. The Winter Egg is clearly the set-piece, but what is it that makes it so special? In our film we are delighted to reveal the long-hidden Winter Egg, regarded…

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upcoming events

Gilded Interiors: French Masterpieces of Gilt Bronze 4 May – 30 July www.wallacecollection.org A celebration of 18th-century craftsmanship comes to the Wallace Collection in London, showcasing objects owned by some of the most powerful tastemakers of their day, from pre-Revolution French aristocracy to George VI of Great Britain. Standout exhibits include a Gouthière perfume burner once owned by Marie Antoinette and a pair of candlesticks made to celebrate the birth of her son. Victorian Harewood 24 March – 29 October www.harewood.org Harewood House in Yorkshire, seen on screens masquerading as Buckingham and Kensington Palace in ITV’s hit historical drama Victoria, is making good on its connection to the queen. On display from Harewood’s heritage are Queen Victoria’s writing set and a bracelet given by the Queen to Lady Charlotte Canning, her lady-in-waiting, while the highlight…

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palace pride

Pride at the Palace: Discover Hampton Court’s LGBT+ stories Running from Summer 2017 – dates to be announced soon Location Hampton Court Palace, Surrey, KT8 9AU Tickets £15 Evening tours telling stories of gender, sexuality and some of the palace’s famous inhabitants. This event is for age 16 years and over. Pride, Power and Politics: A tour of the Tower’s LGBT+ histories Running from Friday 26 and Saturday 27 May, 6pm, 7pm and 8pm Location Tower of London, EC3N 4AB Tickets £15 A guided tour of the Tower of London by night, exploring ideas of power, leadership and attitudes to gender and sexuality from Medieval times to the present day. While the fascinating history of the British royal houses is perhaps the best known and most written about in the world, with realms of paper devoted…

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royal wardrobe

Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp, Queen of Sweden (1654) 01 Curly, shoulder-length hair, combed from her forehead and gathered at the neck 02 Soft white linen shawl, held together with a brooch 03 Dress of golden cloth with wide, three-quarter length sleeves and deep V-pointed centre front 04 Kirtle of golden fabric lined along the front seam and along the lower hem with a border of golden embroidery or golden bobbin-lace 05 Broad white linen cuffs and white undergarment of fine linen In 1654, Princess Hedwig Eleonora of Holstein-Gottorp (1636-1715) married King Charles X Gustav of Sweden (1622-1660). In this painting, she is depicted wearing a golden garment with linen shawl, held together with a brooch. Her dress featured broad white linen cuffs, characteristic for fashionable dress worn by elite society in mid-17th century Northern Europe. The…