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History Of Royals No. 14

From the Romanovs to the Windsors, History of Royals takes you behind the palace doors to discover the secrets, scandals, betrayals and bloodshed of some of the world’s most iconic royal families. Every issue of History of Royals is packed with incredible storytelling, fantastic photography, bespoke graphics, and world-beating research from the best historians in their field. What you’ll find every issue: • Famous Scandals: The love affairs, betrayals and conspiracies that brought down nations • Royal Residences: Explore the luxurious palaces that saw war, romance, murder and intrigue • Rulers at War: Discover the epic battles that made heroes of monarchs • Royal House: A dynasty in detail, from legendary founders to tragic fall

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welcome to issue 14

The tragic tale of Lady Jane Grey is one we all know well – bequeathed the English throne by her cousin, Edward VI, on his deathbed, she accepted her new, heavy burden with resolve, determined to rule as a just and pious Queen. Yet just nine days after she was declared Queen, the advisors and council that had sworn allegiance to Jane turned against her in favour Edward VI’s eldest half-sister, Princess Mary. Over on page 14, discover what it was about Lady Jane Grey that could’ve made her the great Tudor Queen. Lady Jane Grey wasn’t the first victim of Tudor ambition – since the reign of Henry VII, his Plantagenet rivals had been picked off one by one. Head to page 24 to uncover how the fledgling dynasty fought…

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Melanie Clegg With HRP’s show on Diana’s fashion fascinating audiences, Melanie pins down the Princess of Wales’s rise to style icon. • Witness the evolution of Diana’s style on p44 Dan Jones Historian and TV presenter, this issue Dan and Suzannah delve into the riveting story of Queen Elizabeth I’s most reviled foes. • Turn to p92 for more on Gloriana’s enemies Nick Soldinger This issue, Nick uncovers the tragic tale of Princess Mafalda of Savoy, who found herself under lock and key at Buchenwald. • See how the Nazis framed Mafalda on p64 Derek Wilson Regular contributor and best-selling author, this issue Derek explores how Peter the Great made his dream city a reality. • Go to p34 for more on the city built on bones Catherine Curzon How exactly did a French military leader become the king of Sweden? This issue,…

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britain finalises operation london bridge

“Unlike European monarchs, who traditionally give up their thrones in old age, the Queen will not abdicate” Behind the scenes of Buckingham Palace, secret plans – codenamed Operation London Bridge – are being finalised to prepare the nation for the death of Queen Elizabeth II and ensure a smooth succession. Major news organisations have been preparing coverage for the past 50 years, while the palace has meticulously planned the tone of the weeks to follow. From the wording of the announcement, to insurance agreements, lest news breaks during a national sporting fixture, which has to be cancelled out of respect, no stone is said to be left unturned. Sam Knight, writing in The Guardian, claims that after civil servants and palace officials are discreetly told that ‘London Bridge is down’, the Press…

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upcoming events

Bruegel: Defining a Dynasty 11 February – 4 June 2017 www.holburne.org Uncover the works of art by the Bruegel dynasty in this exhibition, which pulls together 35 works of art by four generations of the family. This is the first time an exhibition has been devoted solely to the Bruegels, and provides a particular emphasis on the works of art and achievements of Pieter Bruegel the Younger, who has long been overshadowed by his father. Entry is £10, and the exhibition is open until 4 June 2017. Victorian Treasures 27 January – 7 May 2017 www.liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/walker Bringing together over 60 treasures of Victorian art, the 'Victorian Treasures' exhibition showcases stunning pieces from the Pre-Raphaelites, including John Everett Millais, Dante Gabriel Rossetti and William Holman Hunt. As well as celebrating works of the Pre-Raphaelites, visitors can…

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the untold tudor stories of the vyne

The King and Queen are very merry in Hampshire,” wrote one courtier of Henry VIII’s stay at The Vyne in October 1535. Indeed, despite their marital woes and the devastation of a miscarriage the year before, Henry and Anne Boleyn passed four seemingly happy days at the Tudor powerhouse, and it was during this Progress that Anne conceived once again – a pregnancy that would tragically repeat the trauma of miscarriage, and ultimately result in Anne’s fall from favour. For Henry VIII, the Royal Progress of 1535 was much more than just a tour of his nation; it was intended to cement royal supremacy and the new church by planting the Reformation among the gentry, and that included his host at The Vyne, Lord William Sandys. Sandys had been an ardent…

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a month in history may 1910

Death of the Playboy King 6 May, United Kingdom The death of Edward VII at age 68 – known as the Playboy King – ushered in a new liberal and constitutional monarchy under his son George V. Crowds gathered from all around the nation to pay their respects as he lay in state in Westminster Hall. On 20 May, he was buried at St George’s chapel in Windsor next to his eldest son, Prince Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence, who had died of pneumonia in 1892. The Queen Vs The People May, Hawaii Lili'uokalani was the last monarch and only Queen of Hawaii. She was overthrown in 1893 and later forced to abdicate when the monarchy was formally abolished. But determined to fight on, she went to court in 1910 to try to reclaim crown…