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History Of Royals No. 17

From the Romanovs to the Windsors, History of Royals takes you behind the palace doors to discover the secrets, scandals, betrayals and bloodshed of some of the world’s most iconic royal families. Every issue of History of Royals is packed with incredible storytelling, fantastic photography, bespoke graphics, and world-beating research from the best historians in their field. What you’ll find every issue: • Famous Scandals: The love affairs, betrayals and conspiracies that brought down nations • Royal Residences: Explore the luxurious palaces that saw war, romance, murder and intrigue • Rulers at War: Discover the epic battles that made heroes of monarchs • Royal House: A dynasty in detail, from legendary founders to tragic fall

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welcome to issue 17

The history of the British monarchy is filled with dynastic disputes; from the ambitions of the Anglo-Saxons to the plots of the Plantagenets and beyond, it’s a catalogue of bloody family feuds. But while these houses took up arms against one another, the two granddaughters of Henry VII sought more subtle means of causing injury. Taking up their pens, Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots waged a war of words, ink as their weapon of choice. Head to page 14 to find out how this queenly battle sent one to an early grave. After Mary’s abdication in 1567, her one-year-old son ascended the Scottish throne as James VI. Brought up a devout, God-fearing Protestant and superstitious beyond reason, he turned his mind to weeding out witches across his land. Turn…

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Harry Cunningham Harry returns this issue to explore how Wilhelm II’s childhood trauma turned him against Britain for life • Turn to p34 to see why Wilhelm hated the Brits Aleksandar Pavolvić Discover how a teenage Matthias Corvinus went from prisoner to king of Hungary with Aleksandar • Meet Hungary’s most celebrated king on p64 Derek Wilson Regular contributor and historian Derek returns this issue to uncover the brutal reality of James VI of Scotland’s obsessive witch hunts • Turn to p24 to discover the occult obsession Jon Wright Tudor historian and academic Jon explores the bitter relationship between Elizabeth I and her disgraced cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots • Discover the queens’ fatal rivalry on p14 Alison Mercer This issue, History of Royals speaks to Alison Mercer to find out what it takes to joust competitively for the Kingdom of England • Go…

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bill approved to allow japanese emperor to abdicate

A recently passed law has opened up the possibility for Emperor Akihito of Japan to abdicate the throne. Previously illegal under Japanese law, the 83-year-old Emperor has been vocal about his concerns for his ability to continue with his public duties following several health scares that include undergoing heart surgery and treatment for prostate cancer. Emperor Akihito will be the first Emperor to abdicate the Chrysanthemum throne for over 200 years since Emperor Kokaku’s abdication in 1817. No official date has been agreed upon for the abdication, though it’s assumed that it will happen at the end of 2018 or the start of 2019 in order to mark three decades of his reign. Upon the Emperor’s official abdication, Crown Prince Naruhito will take the throne – but this succession throws the future…

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upcoming events

Power & Portraiture: Painting at the Court of Elizabeth I 7 June – 29 October 2017, Wednesday – Sunday www.waddesdon.org.uk In an attempt to explore the Elizabethan trend of power dressing at court, Waddesdon Manor is exhibiting two contemporary panels owned by the Rothschild family, along with loans from the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Collection. Visitors will have the opportunity to see Nicholas Hilliard’s iconic portraits of the queen and her courtiers up close and personal. Curators will also be on hand to explain the scientific detective work that was a significant part of the exhibition. Nelson & Norfolk 29 July – 1 October 2017 www.museums.norfolk.gov.uk Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery is displaying a new exhibition celebrating the life of Horatio Nelson. A key figure in the American War of Independence and…

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unprecedented exhibitions of the art of charles i and ii

After over a decade of being overshadowed by the intense interest in their Tudor predecessors upon the throne, it looks like the Stuart dynasty are finally getting their moment in the spotlight thanks to two major exhibitions about the rightly celebrated art collections of Charles I and his son, Charles II, which will be opening in London this winter. The exhibitions are the result of a groundbreaking and innovative collaboration between the Royal Collection, which will be hosting ‘Charles II: Art and Power’ at the Queen’s Gallery from 8 December, and the Royal Academy, where ‘Charles I: King and Collector’ will be opening just over a month later on 27 January. Although the success of Charles I’s reign is highly questionable, his position as one of the greatest and most influential…

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take a look behind the scenes of the exhibitions

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this unique double event? ‘Charles II: Art and Power’ is one of many major exhibitions at The Queen’s Gallery to look at the collecting and patronage of monarchs and their era. When the RA proposed a Charles I exhibition in partnership with Royal Collection Trust around the same time as the dates we had imagined for the Charles II exhibition, it was immediately clear that there was an exciting possibility of examining the collecting habits of father and son, and to see if there was a particular character to Stuart collecting in general. This is the first time that the Royal Collection has worked so closely with the Royal Academy of Arts – how has that experience been? Can we expect more collaborations in…