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History Of Royals No. 19

From the Romanovs to the Windsors, History of Royals takes you behind the palace doors to discover the secrets, scandals, betrayals and bloodshed of some of the world’s most iconic royal families. Every issue of History of Royals is packed with incredible storytelling, fantastic photography, bespoke graphics, and world-beating research from the best historians in their field. What you’ll find every issue: • Famous Scandals: The love affairs, betrayals and conspiracies that brought down nations • Royal Residences: Explore the luxurious palaces that saw war, romance, murder and intrigue • Rulers at War: Discover the epic battles that made heroes of monarchs • Royal House: A dynasty in detail, from legendary founders to tragic fall

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welcome to issue 19

When you write popular fiction like Outlander, you only have [a finite amount of time] in which to convey a very complex system. Some of my books tend to be on the larger side, and so far eight of the novels amount to about 4 million words in and around the Jacobite Rebellion. They’re not all entirely focused on the Jacobites, though they were an important part of the story’s earlier parts and because we see the consequences of being on the losing side. So what happens to the survivors? I try to tell it with as much truth as exists within the characters, who are specific to me, and within the terms of historical fact. This is where what a friend of mine calls ‘historical serendipity’ enters, which is to…

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Catherine Curzon Discover Highland culture’s fascinating past as Catherine explores why it went from a symbol of rebellion to icon of Scottish heritage • Turn to p24 to uncover the importance of tartan Jacqueline Riding Meet the Young Pretender as he tries to win back the British throne for the Stuarts – and find out why he ultimately failed • Follow the prince and his errors on p14 David Forsyth David presents the National Museum of Scotland’s latest exhibition on Bonnie Prince Charlie and his Jacobite uprising • Go to p32 to unearth the artefacts Derek Wilson Desperate for some gold? Derek presents Rudolf of Austria, the Holy Roman Emperor whose obsession with alchemy drove him to madness • Find out about Rudolf II’s mania on p62…

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meet the history of royals team…

Philippa Grafton Editor In every way, Grace Kelly epitomised Hollywood glamour – including her wedding, on page 47. Katharine Marsh Production Editor Isabeau of Bavaria wasn’t brought up to be queen – how did she fare in the end? Find out on page 56. Jessica Leggett Staff Writer Before Wallis, there was Maggie. Discover Edward VIII’s murderous mistress on page 70. Rebekka Hearl Designer There’s no place like home – and Christiansborg Palace certainly feels homely on page 80. Get in touch historyofroyals@futurenet.com History of Royals Future Publishing Richmond House 33 Richmond Hill Bournemouth BH2 6EZ www.historyanswers.co.uk Share your views and opinions online Facebook /HistoryofRoyals Twitter @HistoryofRoyals…

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is this the face of a murderer?

As he lived in peace,” proclaimed Sir Thomas Erskine upon the death of King James I of England, “so did he die in peace.” Or maybe not. In a brand-new book investigating the death of England’s first Stuart king, acclaimed author Benjamin Woolley reveals that all might not have been as it seemed. For centuries, it’s been assumed that King James VI & I died after a year of being plagued by a series of illnesses, from gout and kidney stones to malaria and, allegedly, the royal disease, porphyria. Yet what if James’ ambitious favourite, George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, sought a swift end to his meddling master? “Villiers spelled out his motive,” begins Woolley, when asked what the duke had to gain from the king’s death. Villiers was “closely allied with…

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tracing the roots of the king’s ‘great matter’

In the wake of Reformation 500, Royal Museums Greenwich is exploring the Henrician Reformation in a series of lectures during September. In an attempt to present the causes behind Henry VIII’s break with Rome, the museum is hosting several celebrated historians, including Dr David Starkey, Professor Jerry Brotton and Dr Simon Thurley. Between the three of them, audiences will have a chance to learn from some of the biggest names in Tudor history about the roots of Henry’s dissatisfaction with Catholicism. This will include Henry’s divorce with Catherine of Aragon and Elizabeth I’s engagement with Islamic states following the defeat of the Spanish Armada, as well as the art and architecture of the Chapels Royal. In addition to the lectures, audiences will be given a chance to experience the sacred music…

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upcoming events

The Costumes of Victoria and Abdul On display until 30 September 2017 www.english-heritage.org.uk Costumes designed by Oscar-nominated costume designer Consulate Boyle for the upcoming film Victoria & Abdul are being showcased in a new exhibition at Osborne House. Starring Dame Judi Dench as Queen Victoria and Ali Fazal as Abdul Karim, the costumes pay meticulous attention to historical detail and faithfully re-create outfits from the time. The exhibition is located in the Indian-inspired Durbar Room, which also features in the film, and coincides with the film’s UK release on 15 September. Open daily 10am – 5pm, admission is included in the normal entry ticket price. Looking Good: The Male Gaze From Van Dyck to Lucian Freud 24 June – 1 October 2017 www.nationalgalleries.org This fascinating exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh examines…