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House and Leisure – For those who want to celebrate all aspects of contemporary, stylish living in South Africa. House and Leisure is more than just a décor magazine. It’s the local premium brand with authority on Stylish SA at Home and Play. A source of warmth and pride, loved for celebrating the positives of life in South Africa, it’s the only decor home magazine that also offers strong leisure and lifestyle editorial content. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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hl / ed’s note

We’re seeing a shift towards more meaningful design and lifestyle choices – in essence, how we see, do, make and experience everything differently. With this special Revamp issue, we share ideas that promote this more considered and conscious approach to our surrounds, design, decor and environment. We’ve compiled a selection of our favourite reader home and space renovations that have been informed by this ethos; the ‘before and afters’ that we know you love seeing (who doesn’t?!). This issue has fast become an HL favourite, and what better way to find inspiration for your own home project than to peek into the spaces of our featured renovators, who bring us tips for better, smarter and effortless living. We’re offering you that refreshing take, as we curate a special showcase for, and spotlight on,…

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PANTONE PARTY Nandi Dlepu (mamakashaka) is the inspired mind behind Pantone Sundays, a monthly colour-themed fashion party pop-up hosted in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Scan to read more about Nandi and how her vibrant events celebrate African creativity. GREEN POWER Just about everyone has caught onto the power of plants to completely transform a room. Scan the QR code for Folha’s five tips on using leafy greens to give your space a breath of fresh air – literally. BEFORE & AFTER Tour each of the five houses in this issue and witness their stylish transformations. Scan the QR code to watch the series. #HLRevamp2020 #HLHere/Now houseandleisure houseleisureSA HouseAndLeisure houseandleisure…

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this is living

After years of distracted escapism, automated connection and mindless consumption, we seem to have realised something important: modern life is a cocktail of fatigue and anxiety, set against the backdrop of all the damage we’ve done to our psyches and our natural environment in the process. Now, we’re wide awake and gearing up for a reset. It’s already started – many of us are tackling a sense of being overwhelmed by intentionally decluttering our spaces and our minds. We’re calling for sustainable change in the industries that demand the most of our planet, and we’re questioning the way we do almost everything in the name of living better. The start of this new decade is a prompt for us to scrutinise our lives with a sharper eye; what we’re seeing is…

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1. RISE AND SHINE If you dread the shrill tones of a traditional alarm, you might prefer to be woken up by a simulated sunrise. The sleek Wake-up Light Sunrise alarm clock breaks your slumber gently with natural light and calming sounds for a relaxed start to the day. It also functions as a bedside lamp, an atmosphere lamp, and a radio. R699, takealot.com 2. COUNTERTOP CULTURE Bring the joy of gardening into your home with a Click & Grow Smart Garden, which does all the work for you – so you’ll have fresh herbs year round with zero effort. The system’s Smart Soil growth medium is made of natural, renewable materials that are free of harmful chemicals, plus it ensures your seedlings enjoy perfect pH, water, oxygen and nutrient levels. Simply plug…

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a fresh take

Nonkululeko Britton Food gardener / Writer / Entrepreneur Nonkululeko Britton’s Kula Africa initiative has been taking Joburg by storm, teaching the city to eat well and its urban farmers how to get their inspiring produce out there. We stepped onto the soil with this courageous and visionary food and plant activist. You began as a journalist – how did you get into gardening and growing your own food? I found my path to growing food while on a journalistic mission! I was captivated by the story of permaculture farmer Amon Maluleke – and his knowledge of sustainability and preserving indigenous food systems. My parents’ farm became my classroom, and Maluleke my teacher. The lessons morphed into an agribusiness (we grow and distribute organic produce via our online store and create edible gardens for…

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kate otten

Kate Otten’s name has become synonymous with embracing traditional architecture while looking to the future, and how to build better cities and workplaces. House and Leisure sat down with her to learn about how you and your architect can realise the dream. What should homeowners expect when working with an architect? It’s important to have a rapport between client and architect: choose your architect carefully, do the research, and speak to previous clients. It’s a journey of sharing and growing ideas, so that we can use our skill and expertise to create spaces that exceed expectation. Bringing a building to life is one of the most thrilling experiences you can have – you should enjoy it! To make good architecture, you need to… listen, think, challenge, work hard and ultimately have the…