House and Leisure December 2018

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editor’s letter

I think other people might sum Johannesburg up differently, but I have a very romantic connection with this city I call home. Some of my first memories of Joburg are about driving up Glenhove Road through Houghton, umbrellaed by droopy jacarandas after the first summer rains, my car packed with my belongings to start my first year of fashion-design studies. I lived in Rosebank, so dinner was mostly a takeaway shawarma, and a walk around the block usually ended up taking me down to Jan Smuts Avenue to see what was happening at Warren Siebrits Gallery, Tinker Town and Goodman Gallery. Then back up to Mutual Gardens mall, where I would sit down with pen and paper in front of fashion designer Clive Rundle’s shop, late at night, and try…

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1 STREET ART RULES Johannesburg has a burgeoning street-art scene: visit to check out our roundup of work by local artists making their mark on the urban canvas. 2 CLAY CREATIONS WE FEATURE GALLERIST AND CERAMICIST KIM SACKS’ HOME ON PAGE 68 – NOW JOIN US ON A VIRTUAL TOUR OF HER YEOVILLE-BASED SCHOOL. 3 VIDEO VIEWS This Randlord mansion with interiors by Tonic Design’s Philippe van der Merwe is the heritage home you’ve always yearned to peek inside. 4 JOZI INSPIRED Five leading South African creatives each curate a space that speaks about their personal style and deep affection for the City of Gold. 5 THE COOL KIDS’ CITY GUIDE Three hip Joburgers show us around their favourite haunts – don’t miss their take on the best spots in the City of Gold. View it on our…

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going for gold

DIVINE PROVENANCE Award-winning creative director Thabisa Mjo of Mash.T Design Studio honours the City of Gold’s roots and history in contemporary graphic forms juxtaposed with punchy tangerine and a pinch of cinnamon. (Turn to page 127 for product information.) IMOODY NOIR Accomplished design visionary Mumtaz Dasoo celebrates the city’s hedonistic proclivities with luxe black on black: dramatic, tactile basics layered with inky details and refined brass accents. INATURAL TALENT For interiors experts Mia Widlake (left) and Debbie Votin (right) of Studio19, Joburg constitutes a dynamic metropolis brimming with potential. Their vision employs organic lines and boldly textural elements with solid pieces in terracotta and brick red. ISHINING OPTIMISM Founder of the label Superella, inimitable fashion designer Ella Buter channels her Jozi confidence – and her collector’s heart – in a symphony of objets in cheerful yellow, amber…

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between joburg & a hard place

December holidays are the longed-for pauses in what your Twitter-feed contributors will undoubtedly call the worst year of their lives – even though in January everyone announces that in the next 365 days they will #slay. First it was #2016mustfall. Then #2017mustfall. And now we’re on the cusp of the same complaint about 2018. Then there’s that other beckoning which starts about now: #KeDezembaBoss. In reality, though, there’s nothing too ‘boss’ about Decembers. They’re just a knot of unsettling feelings that result in some of the worst decisions ever – things we would never do on any other day, given the choice. It’s an insecure time of year, one that calls for doing anything to get by. For me, that anything is catching the earliest flight to the City of Gold.…

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park life

JOHANNESBURG BOTANICAL GARDEN & EMMARENTIA DAM Not a lot of people know this, but you can enjoy a game of canoe polo on the dam in the summer. WALTER SISULU NATIONAL BOTANICAL GARDEN This is one of the few places in Joburg close enough to the city where you can truly reconnect with nature. I’d recommend the hike, but not all the way to the top (the 360-degree vistas of greedy ‘developer dust’ aren’t great). PARKTOWN My all-time favourite of the Johannesburg ‘Parks’: the tranquil suburb’s Edwardian and Victorian architecture offers cultural relief from the apartheid eyesores that dot the rest of the city.…

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You’ve experienced the energy and diversity of Gauteng’s capital, fed your creativity with its myriad cultural offerings, and taken in the richness of its melting-pot society. Want a keepsake with a difference that will always remind you of its inimitable essence? We’ve rounded up a few homegrown South African items that capture the magic of this city: simply scan and shop our selection directly from this page.…