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House and Leisure – For those who want to celebrate all aspects of contemporary, stylish living in South Africa. House and Leisure is more than just a décor magazine. It’s the local premium brand with authority on Stylish SA at Home and Play. A source of warmth and pride, loved for celebrating the positives of life in South Africa, it’s the only decor home magazine that also offers strong leisure and lifestyle editorial content. Please note: this digital version of the magazine does not include the covermount items you would find on printed newsstand copies.

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editor’s letter

I have always been fascinated by designer Rick Owens and his eccentric wife Michèle Lamy, and have spent many an evening scouring YouTube for obscure video interviews of these two talking about their lives as designers and their unique relationship. He is usually calm and draped in black (naturally, dressed in Rick Owens, the fashion label) and she is smoking cigarettes excessively while gesturing with her hands, which are stacked with bold jewellery, fingertips smeared with dark henna. Then, one morning at a breakfast brainstorm in Cape Town I asked the team, knowing that it might be an impossible task, to work on a feature on the Rick Owens furniture line as a design story that I knew would be perfect for our annual ‘Back to Black’ Transformations issue. Owens’ and…

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houseandleisure .co.za

1 PERUSE A HEADY GALLERY OF ICONIC MOMENTS CAPTURED IN TIME BY PHOTOGRAPHER GREATS SUCH AS HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON, WHO SHAPED WHAT THE ART WAS, IS, AND IS STILL TO BECOME. 2 WRAP STARS Judge them by their covers, we dare you. Classy black-and-white beer and wine labels provide every excuse to procure the product. 3 URBAN ANGLE Deep, rough, rich in monochrome: get acquainted with architecture that finds its centre in form and function – from perfect symmetry to minimalist Scandi style. 4 WALLS AND ALL Our pick includes sultry noir florals, dramatic patterns, embossed motifs and graphic wallpapers – these are the inky fabrics and wallcoverings you need on your radar right now. 5 WHITE NOISE In a rebellious reaction to this issue’s transformative black theme, our Instagram feed is all about white,…

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Visit shop.houseandleisure.co.za for a selection of designer wares – from minimal, graphic, striped or abstract – handpicked by all our editors and inspired by this month’s transformative theme. SNAP TO SHOP ONLINE HOUSEANDLEISURE.CO.ZA…

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novel noir


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routinely brilliant

I just checked on one of those random internet calculators, and counting from the day I was born, this is the 14 430th day of my life. But there are some mildly remarkable things about this particular 24-hour cycle that set it apart from other recent days… so, here goes: I don’t watch very many series or movies. My ability to view anything for longer than 10 minutes has almost disappeared over the years as I’ve become more and more dependent on social media for on-screen entertainment. But last night, I happened on a Netflix series and couldn’t stop until I had seen all eight episodes. I went to bed way after midnight. And that had consequences, because I woke up late this morning and missed my session with my trainer…

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anything but regular

WATCH AND LEARN I’ve mentioned my obsession with YouTube tutorials and online courses before. But in case there’s still someone who doesn’t know, lynda.com is an amazing source of digital tutorials that’s definitely worth checking out. TREAT YOURSELF Do your own research to make sure (full disclosure: I’m not a health professional), but according to some of the latest studies, moderate coffee consumption may have multiple health benefits. Who knew something so good could be... good for you? ESSENTIAL VIEWING It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you were wondering, the Netflix series that ruined my life for a day is called The Rain. The set-up: a viral rain comes down heavily on a Scandinavian town, killing on contact.…