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iD (Ideas & Discoveries)

September 10, 2021

iD (Ideas & Discoveries) is an intriguing science and technology magazine that delves deep to help readers discover answers to questions about science, nature, psychology, history, current events and more. With captivating photography and design and engaging editorial content, iD will have readers thinking about the world around them in a whole new way.

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questions@ideasanddiscoveries.com www.facebook.com/ideasanddiscoveries SUPERCUTE HEROES I absolutely loved your article in the July issue on “Superhero Squirrels,” especially the spread of Iron Man and a red squirrel… they’re two of my favorite things! Squirrels are such amazing little creatures that lead stressful and dangerous lives. We have a few squirrels on our end of the street that we dubbed with monikers: There’s Standing Steve (he scurries about and frequently stands up on his hind legs, observing his surroundings much like a meerkat), Freaky Fred (who will “attack” and “rabbit-kick” anything that he comes across, whether it be a fellow squirrel, a chipmunk, a tree branch, or a corn cob), Teasing Tina (a smaller female that plays chase with all the males), and Alan, the cool dude that lives in the tree in our…

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the chef who infiltrated north korea

“ I never imagined sitting at a table in North Korea and being handed papers to buy weapons.” Well, the jig is up, thinks Ulrich Larsen, convinced that he and his partner are about to be unmasked. He’s sitting across the table from two high-ranking North Korean officials in a small restaurant in their capital of Pyongyang. There’s just no way, he thinks, that government officials would meet Western “businessmen” and discuss a weapons deal without knowing anything about their background. Larsen’s heart is pounding in his chest but he does his best to appear calm as his hosts proudly show off their catalog of weapons, which includes several kinds of ballistic missiles. Any minute now they’re going to spot the hidden camera, thinks Larsen. But he has nothing to worry…

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the unknown european

The setting is somewhere in a northern European forest: The first indication that something unusual is afoot is the strange behavior of Daniel’s dog. The terrier mix has stopped dead-still on the forest path and has started to make low growling noises. Daniel strains to see what his agitated dog has spotted in the sparse undergrowth punctuated by birches and a fallen pine tree. At first he notices nothing, but suddenly he catches sight of the tawny eyes of a cat the size of a German shepherd staring back at him. His first reaction is panic: What kind of animal is that? Is it dangerous? What do I do now? Before he can come up with answers to these questions, the animal rises gracefully and disappears as silently as a…

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the incredible self-healing power of our earth

impossible. Not here—of all places. Steve Palumbi had been prepared for the worst, and yet the Stanford marine biologist can hardly believe what he’s seeing through the lens of his diving mask: Coral colonies the size of cars surrounded by enormous schools of fish and hundreds of coconut crabs scuttling along the sandy beach. The sight may be commonplace on most atolls in the South Pacific, but to find it here seems practically miraculous. “Here,” in this case, is the Bikini Atoll, where the United States detonated 23 nuclear weapons between 1946 and 1958. One of them, Castle Bravo in 1954, was some 1,000 times more powerful than the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. The U.S. government evacuated the residents before the tests and promised…

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how bright are lighthouse?

DO YOU HAVE A QUESTION FOR OUR TEAM OF EXPERTS? Just send us an email! questions@ideasanddiscoveries.com Lighthouses may seem like a simple concept, but they’re actually technical marvels that engineers have been working to improve since ancient times. Whereas the earliest towers used an open fire to guide maritime travelers and alert them to the presence of a hazardous coastline, the light source gradually evolved; lamps were fueled by whale oil and kerosene before the advent of electricity, and modern lighthouses produce incredibly bright light using high-intensity gas discharge lamps with outputs around 1 million candlepower, which is 10,000 times brighter than a 100-watt lightbulb. North Carolina’s Oak Island Lighthouse, which used mercury vapor bulbs that generated 70 million candlepower, now uses LEDs with a luminous range of 24 nautical…

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top 10 smallest armies in europe

1. ICELAND, ANDORRA, LIECHTENSTEIN, VATICAN CITY, MONACO, SAN MARINO None of these, including NATO-member Iceland, has a formal army. The Vatican’s Swiss Guard is limited to 135 men. 2. LUXEMBOURG The small principality has around 900 military personnel, some 50 of whom are musicians. 3. MALTA The island nation’s armed forces consist of 1,700 active personnel in three land units, an air wing, a marine squad, and a volunteer reserve force. 4. ESTONIA There are 4,000 soldiers in permanent readiness, 4,000 in supplementary reserve, and a total of 230,000 enrolled in a mobilization registry. 5. KOSOVO Authorized in 2008, the Kosovo Security Force has 5,000 active soldiers and 2,500 reservists. 6. LATVIA The National Armed Forces are composed of 6,500 soldiers, 8,000 national guardsmen, and a reserve of 3,000. 7. ALBANIA The Albanian Armed Forces comprise 6,700 military personnel. 8. SLOVENIA There are around 7,000…