Ideas July/August 2020

Ideas is all about MAKING your world more beautiful. Packed with creative inspiration, fresh ideas, easy projects and step-by-step instructions, this magazine is the go-to guide for crafters, stitchcrafters, makers, cooks and DIY home decorators.

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from the editor

To put together this issue was… different. I suppose one could call the process many things, but to me ‘different’ covers it best. We’ve already been working from home for three years so we were used to that. And moving meetings from my dining-room table to Teams and Zoom, and sometimes even just to WhatsApp video calls, was not all that new. But for a DIY magazine to not be able to shop at DIY shops (initially closed and later only open to professionals for emergency repairs), or at fabric or yarn stores was tough. Also not being able to explain to the rule makers the actual meaning of ‘do it yourself’! But there is always a plan to be made and so I began mining my cupboards for leftover pieces of…

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feeding schemes

LADLES OF LOVE Cape Town 079 773 9334 ladlesoflove.org.za info@ladlesoflove.org.za THE ANGEL NETWORK Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban 083 777 1621 theangelnetwork.co.za glynne@theangelnetwork.co.za GIFT OF THE GIVERS Nationwide 0800 786 911 toll free giftofthegivers.org info@giftofthegivers.org FEED SA Gauteng 072 378 2554 or 082 994 1100 feedsa.co.za romi@feedsa.co.za or genevieve@feedsa.co.za ANGELS’ CARE Howick, KwaZulu-Natal 033 330 6837 angelscare.co.za sponsors@angelscare.co.za JAM SA Johannesburg 011 548 3943 or 079 514 8443 jamsa.co.za jamsa@jamint.com SAME FOUNDATION Nationwide 086 122 2379 or 011 781 1510 samefoundation.org.za capetown@samefoundation.org.za gauteng@samefoundation.org.za kzn@samefoundation.org.za PENINSULA SCHOOL FEEDING ASSOCIATION Western Cape 021 447 6020 psfa.org.za info@psfa.org.za FOOD FORWARD SA Nationwide 021 531 5670 foodforwardsa.org info@foodforwardsa.org OPERATION HUNGER Nationwide 011 902 4000 operationhunger.org.za info@operationhunger.org AFRIKA TIKKUN Johannesburg and Cape Town 011 325 5914 or 021 276 0424 afrikatikkun.org info@afrikatikkun.org NATION CHANGERS KwaZulu-Natal 086 112 2331 nationchangers.co info@nationchangers.org.za FOOD FOR LIFE KwaZulu-Natal, Gauteng, Western Cape, Mpumalanga 031 811 1108 or 081 420 1784 fflsa.org info@fflsa.org SA RED CROSS SOCIETY Nationwide 010 020 2516 redcross.org.za redcross@redcross.org.za PICK N PAY – Shoppers can donate at the till in PnP stores or you can donate your Smart Shopper points to Food Forward SA on the Smart Shopper app. FOOD LOVERS’ MARKET – There are donation trolleys at store exits.…

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what’s new

Pink hair When our editor coloured her blonde bob a light, pastel pink about two years ago, she was (as usual) ahead of her time. In an online article, American glossy magazine Allure described it as the trend that represented a mental shift. The weeks of COVID-19 lockdowns worldwide simply made this shift even more intense. When fear, uncertainty and anxiety increase, people turn to the things that they do have control over, like their grooming. And they dye their hair at home – with pink. The home colourant Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Tint was a best seller during America’s quarantine. Ess believes it is because pink is a happy colour and feels light and bright, the way blonde hair does. It also disguises the demarcation line of grown-out roots…

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quirky & colourful

COCOFEATURES.COM LIVING ROOM The wall was painted green, to match the 1950s French-style couch. Makien had the paint specially mixed at the DIY store. The couch was found at a thrift shop, with the upholstery in great condition. The Hollywood Regency side tables and the standard lamp with elaborate antique brass foot are also from the thrift shop. The rug is from Ikea and the cushions are from a shop specialising in Moroccan décor. KITCHEN They opted for natural wood and sleek, smooth lines in the kitchen - the perfect setting for Makien’s colourful accessories. The black splashback was painted in a washable paint. The vintage piano stool has been given a cheery facelift in a yellow-green that is characteristic of Makien’s style. Her love of antique glassware is such that she even has…

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let’s eat!

ECLECTIC You can have some real fun combining what you already have in your house with second-hand finds. The modern white table with its simple oval shape is perfect for the mixture of chairs. Give your old Louis-style and French country chairs a new look with a touch of antique gold paint or gold leaf. Combine them with white Panton or Champagne chairs for a retro element. The bling of the vintage chandelier and mirror and white of the various vases pull all the elements together, with flowers and napkins supplying bright spots of colour. MINIMALIST Stripped of frills and flourishes is the look that caterer Christine Capendale wanted for her new house in Gardens in Cape Town, and that goes for the dining room too. No clutter allowed. The clean, straight lines of…

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fresh breeze

CHAIRS WITH A NEW JACKET (AND SOCKS) Dress up your dining-room chairs with a touch of paint. DIFFICULTY: easy TIME: weekend, drying time included YOU WILL NEED ♥ wooden chairs♥ universal undercoat♥ white gloss enamel paint♥ chalk paint in the colour of your choice (we used Tjhoko in Goodness)♥ paintbrushes♥ masking tape♥ sandpaper TO MAKE 1 Decide how you want to paint your chairs. They don’t all have to look the same! We painted one chair completely white and then gave it little green socks, another got only white socks, and yet another got a white coat so that its long brown socks could stand out. 2 Lightly sand all the wooden sections you want to paint with enamel paint. Paint on the universal undercoat and leave to dry completely before you apply the enamel paint. Apply several…